Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I have for you two of the new polishes from XXXL multi dimension nail polishes. First one is called JUST SHOUT! (#67), left picture and the second is called MOST WANTED (#66) right picture.
So, let me start with JUST SHOUT!. It's in the orange family color, but it has a pinch of coral undertone.
It's in the pastel range and it doesn't have any shimmer or shine in it. It's gorgeous color, very similar to Essie Carousel Coral (I have a post about it) but not the same. I think this one would look beuatifull mattefied! I'll have to try it out!
The brush is also very good, easy to control. And I absolutley adore the formula of the polish. It's super easy to apply, the brush doesn't leave any marks behind!

The next one is MOST WANTED and I think it's an amazing color. It's kind of mix between gray and brown and it's also very unique.
It's pastel polish, with no shimmer, glitters or shine to it, very appropriate for incoming fall. This one I also have to try to cover with matt finish topcoat. The formula and the brush are also amazing, very good quality for such a low price- 1,79€! How cheap is that??

My overall rating of thistwo polishes is absolutley 5 out of 5! And I would buy them again and again and again :-) Try them out!

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  1. Love both of these shades. I don't own any of this brand. I'll have to start a new list for these two.


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