Friday, October 26, 2012

Born Pretty store stamping plate KandNail review

As promised in previous post, I have a review for you you of an item, online store Born Pretty  representative sent to me for reviewing purposes. So, I got opurtunity to choose one item they sent to me for review on my blog and I chose this stamping image plate (as you know I love konadicures and that's my speciallity).
So, this image plate has 42 different designs, this particular one has mostly french tips designs and some all over nail designs. When I was choosing item, I had very longnails and I thought I would try french tip design and show it to you, but in the meantime, I shorten my nails and now I can't actually show design on my nail.
Well, let's see the designs more up close:

Very pretty right?
Well, I did a little experiment on piece of paper, to se how the designs transfer. I chose one very simple (french tip), one little more detailed and one very detailed.
I started with basic french tip design:
In all threetries I couldn't get nice clean stamped design. I think this design is not enough deeply carved in to the plate. When you place  nail polish over image and than use scraper to remove acces polish, you scrape almost all nail polish away. You have to use very gently hand to scrape away and than you have a lot of nail polish outside the image and it's harder to stamp it. I suppose when you stamp it on nails, this smudge around is not on nail surface and it's ok.

Than I tried this design with a little more details and this one stamps perfect. I can't wait to have longers tips that I'll use this one on my nails (I'll post it)

Than I tried this very detailed lace design and with this one I also had problems. It's way too much details to transfer all of it. This one I don't like at all. 

Here are couple random ones that transfer quite all right, maybe I should have had more stady hand. I like them all.
And here is comparison in size between Bundle monster and Kand Nail images. Left is Bundle monster and you can see it's much bigger that Kand nail image is. So, if you have longer and wider nails, I think this all over nail design would be too small.

And my opinion about this plate? It's not very good knock off of Konad, but for the money (9$) it's okay. Some french tip design transfer great and some don't. All over design transfer nice but they are smaller that usuall all over nail designs, that we are used to. But I'll give them a chance to work as good as they can :-)
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