Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEW Catrice King of greens

I have anouther gorgeous polish for you today, ofcourse, from Catrice's new line of polishes, called King of greens. No hard math, it's green :-) 
But it's so much more than just plain green color. This one has a bright green shine in in and it just glows on your nails! It kind of has shimmer finish. It has good coveredge, but I applied two coats, as you see on pictures.
As I said before, I love the new brush they came up with, because it's perfect for three strokes application and it's just slightly curved, so you can get very close to cuticles, without making a big mess all over your skin.
Like it?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Catrice NEW Fred said red

I have another beuatifull new color from Catrice to present to you. These days I'm rocking out this amazing color- Fred said red! First of all, I would said it's red with orange undertone, so on direct sunlight it's very very bright red or even orange color. Quite interesting! It has cream finish and it needs two coats to be bold as you see it. It's super easy to aplly, because the brush is easy to control and it does not leave any marks or stripes behind. Definitely recommend this one!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catrice NEW Heavy Metallilac

As I promised, I'm showing this polish from Catrice's new line first. Well, I had it wrong. It's not duochrome, it just have slightly orange undertone. Never the less, it's gorgeous!
And very opaque too! This is just one coat you see on this pictures. I can't remember the last polish I wore that was so bold in one coating. Well, this one definitely is! 

I also love the brush. New shape is very good for apllying polish around cuticle area, because is slightly rounded, so you get nice curve around bottom of your nails. So, the shape is not so boxy as it is with strait cut brush.
If you are looking for interesting shade of purple, I definitely recommend this one!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preview: Essence TE MarbleMania

Marbled gloss – for gorgeous lips! the marble effect gives this gloss a seductive look and merges into one color when applied on your lips, dipping them in a glossy, iridescent glow. Available in 01 coral whirl and 02 peach and mix.
Price: 2,29€

Nail art kit
There are endless design options with this awesome nail art kit. its contents: a professional brush, two professional sponges and two wooden sticks. the brush is ideal for creating unique lines, stripes and dots with its ultra-fine tip. the professional sponges are great for urban airbrush designs or the ultimate marble-look – now they’re totally easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home! there’s no limit to your creativity and you’re sure to have lots of fun! the nail art kit comes in a practical zip-pouch including instructions for marbling, nail painting and sponging. available in 01 mix 'n' nail style. Price: 2,49€
Ready for marble style? not just yet. what’s missing? a stunning, shimmering blush for a radiant, fresh look. a sensational finish for everyone, mixed from four gorgeous marble rosé shades. available in 01 swirlpool. Price: 3,49€

Intense, bright colors with a multi-dimensional effect: the baked eyeshadows with triple marbling and a high percentage of pearl-pigmentation guarantee the ultimate wow-factor. the eyeshadows have an awesome marble look and offer just the right touch of color when applied moist or dry. available in 01 seriously mixed up, 02 let's get twisted and 03 swirl it, baby! 2,89€

The mascara with a must-have effect! the ultra black-silver shimmering texture interacts with the brush to provide gorgeous, sweeping lashes. and the marbling in the transparent bottle is an additional eye-catcher! available in 01 michael's black or silver. Price: 2,89€
Four trendy colors set amazing highlights right down to your finger tips. there’s sure to be a shade to suit every taste, mood and outfit! the marble mania nail polishes are ideal for creating cool marbling designs with the help of the nail art kit. available in 01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches. Price: 1,89€

Sunday, February 19, 2012

BIG Essence and Catrice haul

 Today i have very exciting items to present to you. Some of them are going out of both, Essence's and Catrice's line and I had to stock up, but most of them are coming in, so they are brand new!!!
First, let's start with my favorite cosmetic products- nail polishes! Here are six brand new polishes- 5 in regular line and one from LE NYMPHELIA.
First one new is BROWNO MARS- bronzy brown color with shimmer finish. Next to it is BE POOL from limited edition NYMPHELIA- dark green with blue undertone and I think it also has a shimmer finish.
 Here on the left i my favorite polish from the bunch- KING OF GREENS- green with light green shine in it, with shimmer finish. Next to it it's HEAVY METALLILAC- lilac color and this one is a bit tricky to describe. I would say it has a duochrome finish. But I'll be sure, when I swatch it. Would you like to see it?
 These two colors are also very amazing. On the left FRED SAID RED- not red at all, but it's true orange color with cream finish. Great for incoming spring and summer. And also this one is ACidDC- greeny yellow color. It reminds me so much on OPI Who the Shreck are you! This one has a light green shine in it.
Here is newly shaped brush. It's flat from two sides and very wide. The tip is slightly curved, so placement  goes well near cuticle area. It's perfect for three strokes application. 
Here are polishes from Essence- new incoming polish nude glam polish in ICED STRAWBERRY CREAM, outgoing BE OPTIMISTIC! that I just had to get and also outgoing glitter topper from nail art twins- EDWARD, that I couldn't missed.
This polish is one of many incoming new tipe polishes 3 in 1. You can choose either of two or layer them over each other and get third color. Because I'm not pink person, this one will go up to swap, but I think concept is amazing!
 Here is new brush from Catrice- smokey eyes brush with two different brushes- one for smokey effect and other for eyeliner or filing in eyebrows.
From Essence in the middle is incoming two sided eyeliner with thin and thick tip for doing line on upper eyelid.
And Essence outgoing eyebrow pencil that I had to stock up!
Here you can see the difference between thin and thicker tips od 2 in 1 eyeliner pen.
 Here are 4 outgoing mono eyeshadows from Catrice that I just had to get, before they are discontinued. 

 And here are two incoming eyeshadows from Catrice. These two are acctualy from their Trend edition Nymphelia, but I think they are available also in their regular INTENSIV'EYE line.
 And one new incoming mono eyeshadow from Essence. Toupish purple color with matt finish.
 Again from Nymphelia- marbled baked powder brush with three different shades- red, orange and nude, for glowy cheeks :-)
 One new incoming lipstick from Catrice GET THE NUDES PAPER! I thought it would be more nude, since I'm not  a big lipstick person, but I'll try to rock it anyways :-)
 New incoming mascara from Essence- GET BIG LASHES- VOLUME BOOST! Love the brush. Let me try it and you'll see detailed review on this one...
... and also on this one- new incoming mascara from Catrice- XXL VOLUME- THE GIANT EXTREME VOLUME MASCARA. Also very big brush, interesting shape to cover all lashes, from way inner corner to all the way to outer corner.
 Well, that's it :-) Which products would you like to see in detail?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Retro nail art design

Hi all! Welcome back! Today I have very retro inspired manicure for all. I tired of dark, wintery colors, so I went for something little bit brighter and sunnier! As you see, I had a  bit more time for this one, so I went a bit more crazy.
I started off with two coats of Deborah Milano YELLOW FIZZ polish, which is pastel yellow color with cream finish (love it btw and if you are looking for great yellow, definitely recommend it!)
Than I took  my dotting tool with two diferent sizes of dots. I placed a bit of P2 CINNAMON ROSE on piece of plastic and started doting in the midle of my nails. I connected dots with lines and did the same thing on the sides with ESSENCE A HINT OF MINT (don't know why it's showing blue, it's not. it's GREEN). I waited for first layer of dots completly to dry and then I went with a smaller side of dotter and placed the opposite color in the middle od the big dots.
Waited to dry and placed 1 coat of Seche Vite over it and VIOLA my manicure is done! Like it?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Essence Vampire's love- THE DAWN IS BROKEN

This one is my second favorite from Essence LE Vampire's love. It's very unique color and I don't own nothing like this one in my collection. It's called THE DAWN IS BROKEN. It's off white color with blue sparkles in it, that all together looks like marble or concrete (at least I'm remined of it)
I played around  a bit and did tiger stripes on tips of my nails and this is the final look. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Essence Vampire's Love- TRUE LOVE

Here is one of the most popular polishes from this Essence collection and I can see why all the fuss is about this one. It is truly beautifull color. Deep purple with hints of pink shine in it. Truly amazing!
It's super easy to apply, brush doesn't leave any marks behind and it's extra thick, so maybe one coat would be enough. but for the purpose of these pictures, I applied two coats. Do you like this one?

Monday, February 6, 2012

New incoming products from CATRICE

This Highlighter Pen is the ultimate must-have for every eye make-up look. The long-lasting creamy and powdery formula sets radiant highlights under your eyebrows or the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Application is totally easy and practical thanks to the retractable pen mechanism. A new highlight for highlights! Price: 3,99€

Prime and fine translucent loose powder: The soft and transparent powder ensures a long-lasting matt effect without drying out your skin. Thanks to its translucence, the powder adapts to every skin tone and ensures a smooth, velvety-matt and radiant complexion when applied over make-up. Price: 5,79€

Smokey eyes brush: Achieve the perfect smokey eyes look with the Smokey Eyes Brush including a double-ended professional brush with fine, soft bristles!! 2in1 for an expressive, professional eye make-up look! Comes in a practical pouch for when you are on the go. Price: 2,89€

Three new Eye Liner Pens for the trends of the summer: night blue, dark green and mystical grey to complement the classic black. All with a professional felt-tip for an accurate line and magical cat-like eyes. Price: 3,09€

Ultimate shine and light coverage! The Lip Appeal Lip Gloss has a subtle vanilla scent, a moisturizing formula and now comes with a new applicator for an even smoother and gentler application. Available in three new trendy colors with fine shimmer particles and a total of eleven glossy colors. Price: 3,99€
What a show! Up to four hours of intensive color, breathtaking shine and strong durability! The new special applicator deposits even more color to ensure an accurate application. Available in a total of nine brilliant colors. Price: 3,99€
The new season is all about absolute color! Play with new combinations – but with the usual maximum color, durability and coverage! The Absolute Eye Colour Quattros are available in two new harmonies of color to go with the latest trends. Available in a total of four versions. Price: 4,69€
We are heading into the new season with eight new colors. Matt, satin, pearl shimmering – whatever we desire. Absolute color, absolute durability, absolute coverage. Now available in a total of 27 colors. Price: 2,89€

Color! The Ultimate Colour makes your lips shine with highly-pigmented, rich shades. The smooth and creamy texture is extremely long-lasting and provides a gorgeous finish with great coverage that lasts for hours! Price: 4,19€
Ranging from soft nude tones to bright pink, the “most wanted” lipstick of the season. The creamy, soft texture provides intensive moisture, care and a beautiful shine. Comes in a high-quality, purist design for an elegant look. Price: 4,19€
The handmade, highly-pigmented Baked Eye Shadows with a unique triple color marbling effect really have a lot to offer! Depending on whether you apply them wet or dry, the intensity of the Intensif‘eye Wet & Dry Shadows ranges from subtle to bright. For every day, every mood, every style. Price: 3,99€
One mascara – multi-dimensional effects! The basis: ultimate volume. The added dimension: amazing length. The creamy texture with lengthening 3D nylon fibers combined with the specially developed fiber brush cover each individual lash to generate extra volume plus mega length. Opthalmologically tested.  Price: 3,69€
The new natural look is pure elegance – sometimes shimmering, sometimes subtle - but always very sophisticated! The Ultimate Nudes are very subtle when applied only once and have extreme coverage when applied twice. The individual nude look will never get boring thanks to a choice of seven shades! Free of formaldehyde. Price: 2,59€

This spring mixes two totally different color trends: bright neon shades create a stylish contrast to soft, gentle nudes. Ultimate nail style to suit every mood! Ultimate color intensity, ultimate shine and ultimate coverage! Now available in 18 new colors and with a new, flat professional brush for an easier, even more accurate color application. Free of formaldehyde. Price: 2,59€

And which is your favorite product?
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