Sunday, April 17, 2011

NfuOH #66 feat Cheetah print

 When I don't know what to wear on my nails, I always go for the classic- animal print :-) I just have to decide in which colors. And today this combination pop up in my head.
 I went with holographic NFU OH no.66 (I have to tell you this one is pain in the *ss to apply!!!) - I already have a post about it (browse a bit) - and for the design I used KONAD image plate m57 and special polish in black.
Little cheetah on my nails :-) WRoooooooW :-))))

Friday, April 8, 2011

Essence LE BLOSSOMS ETC. - A hint of mint and KONAD

 Yey, another awsome spring color from Essence and this one is from their latest limited edition BLOSSOMS ETC- A hint of mint. I wonder if this one is similar to Essie Mint candy apple. Would anyone do a comparison for me :-) ?
 Well, this one is very light mint green color with hints of light green shine in it. I tried to capture it on my nails, but it's only visible in the bottle. Well, it's qiute opaque, I applied only one coat. It has a cream finish and I loooove it :-)
 But because it was just to plane for me, I decided to do some konad over it. I chosed KONAD image plate m65 and I used ZOYA- ENVY for the design. But because my nails are too long for all over design, I went with scotch taped french tips, also with the same ZOYA.
 And this is the final look. You like it? I DO!!! :-)
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