Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Million styles effect topcoat SHAKE IT! FLAKE IT!

 If you are a big FLAKIES fan, you must try this topcoat out!!! I fell in love with it in store and love still countinues!!! First I did basic french manicure and let it dry.
 And then I used image plate from Konad m26 and stamped it on midle, ring finger and on my thumb, just to and a little funk to my french.
 When it was dry, I went over with flake top coat and this is how it looks like. Amazing right? Me LOVE it :-)
 It has all the colors of the rainbow in it, depends how light hits it! From yellow, orange, green, purple and blue. Just awsome!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Essence BE OPTIMISTIC! and review: Studio nails Gel style nail stickers

This review I promised you a while ago and here it is! First I started with two coats of Colour&go nail polish BE OPTIMISTIC! Gorgeous bronzy- orange color with shine finish. 
 And than I decided to try this leopard print Studio nails stickers over it. I applied as instructed. First I chose the right size for all nails and then I placed them first near my cuticle and carefully placed them over my nail.
 If they were too long, I philed them off, to get sharp and crisp edge. So far so good!
 I admit, they look fantastic!!!! but here it all ends....

 After two hours wearing them (not doing much, becasuse it was sunday), this started to happen.... First only on one finger, enge was starting to came off.... I placed it back a couple of times...

 Than I even went over with clear top coat, to placed them back...
 ... but nothing I did, helped...
 They went completly off. And as instructions said, they are very easy to remove, they just pealled off! On their own! OMG, I was so frustrated, because I took me about half of hour to get them on, for two hour resolt!!!
Ladies, defenitely DON'T recommend buying or wearing them, because it's just too much work for couple of hours resolt :-( A BIG NO NO!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Preview: Catrice LE COOLIBRI

Today let me present to you this new outcoming limited edition from Catrice, called COOLIBRI. Very excited, perfect for spring and summer collection with bright colors!
First, let's start with Jelly chick tint: Thanks to its light liquid gel-like texture, you can determine how intense the color is going to be when you apply it to conjure-up gorgeous accents on your face. But this lovely red doesn’t just look great on your cheeks - the tint ensures a long-lasting red shade on your lips, too! Thanks to the practical pot, you can easily apply the texture using your finger. Available in C01 Abloom.
 Than we have Golden glow eye pencil: Thanks to its high pigmentation in radiant gold, it gives your make-up a particularly elegant and intense summery freshness. The liquid texture contains fine shimmer pigments and can be applied accurately and smoothly thanks to the brush applicator. A delicate line along your eyelid is enough – for unbelievable expression! Available in C01 Precious Nectar.
 This collection also has refreshing lip balm: Silky-soft lips are an absolute must for perfect summery lipgloss and lipstick styles. That’s why you should generously apply the creamy, long-lasting Colour Refreshing Balm to pamper them! The highlight: this balm reacts to the pH level of your lips to unfold its natural, subtle red color. The light tint gives your lips a soft, fresh look – at all times.
 This collection contains 5 different shades of nil polishes: Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage, ultimate color in the brightest Coolibri varieties
Catr_Coolibri_UNL05! High shine with or without shimmer – these bold nail polishes are sure to fulfill all exotic color wishes. Available in C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Twist of Lemon, C03 Abloom, C04 Exotica and C05 Virgin Forest. 
 They came out with 4 Nectar glosses: Sweet blossoms are the ultimate temptation for coolibris – preferably in wonderfully fresh and summery colors. With its light, semi-transparent texture and subtle lip color, the Nectar Gloss provides a popular wet-gloss finish and leaves your lips feeling irresistibly soft. Available in C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom and C04 Exotica. 
And last but not least, 4 stick mettalic eyeshadows in shades C01 Precious Nectar, C02 Birds Flying High, C03 Virgin Forest in C04 Exotica.

In stores available in JUNE and JULY 2012!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preview: Essence TE SNOW WHITE

Mirror, mirror on the wall.... Who doesn't remember this beuatifull story about cute little girl, called Snow White? Essence made whole collection dedicated to her and her seven little friends.
First product is nail phile, also with her stepmother and it's only 1,49€.
Next we have nails stickers with all caracters for fun and creative nails, price: 1,49€.
This collection has 8 different nail polishes, first is one big one, presenting Snow White- true red color (price: 1,89€) and the rest are presenting seven little dorfs: 02 grumpy, 03 doc, 04 happy, 05 sneezy, 06 sleepy, 07 bashful in 08 dopey, all for 1,69€. Absolutely a must have!
Last, but not least, collection has also three different top coats, holographic and glittery coats, called 01 evil queen, 02 the huntsman in 03 prince charming, all for 2,19€.

Which is you favorite product?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Essence: review- MARBLE MANIA limited edition

As you know, Essence came out with this beuatifull limited edition. This products cought my eyes and I just had to try them out. I took all three mono eyeshadows, becuase they all look amazing and I couldn't decided which one to take, so all of them came with me :-)
Here you can see swatches of all of them- SWIRL IT BABY is purple and black marbled shadow, very beuatifull. It also has some sparkles in it, that just pop when applied. LET'S GET TWISTED is mostly black with some hints of yellow color. When mixed together is mostly black shadow, but when applied with brush, you can be more precised and apply more yellow than black. SERIOUSLY MIXED UP is mix between yellow, pink and brown, so you get more earthly toned eyeshadow, but I also recommend using it with brush, because you can get more color payoff.

And I took one lipgloss, also gorgeous, berry color. Also recommend!
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