Friday, June 21, 2013

Turtle necklace from SPARK

Hi again and welcome! Finally I have written promised review about SPARK online jewelry item, that was sent to me for reviewing purposes. But never the less, I don't love this item any less as I would bought it myself!
As you all know, I absolutely love turtles! And this gorgeous necklace is just made for me!
It has a dark golden chain (it hangs just above cleavage) with dark golden turtle. Turtle itself has multicolored rhinestones that really invigorates this neckace. They  make this little turtle very special.
I absolutely love this necklace and I love to wear it. I wore it on my son's first birthday party and I got a lot of compliments. It's not a big statement peace of jewelry but it's special enough to be noticed. If you are interested in having this little beautiy, visit SPARK online store, that will be up and going really soon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

New jewelry online store SPARK!

Stop! Good news! Soon this amazing online jewelry& accessories store will be open! Looking for something special and something not every second girl already have? If you answered YES, this post is for you!! In June this awsome online site will be open, where you'll be able to find every style jewelry you can imagine!

Are you girly girl, punkish or tribal ethnical or maybe fancy woman? Yes, you can purchase jewelry for your style! Check it out, in JUNE!

If you check out their site already, here on Spark, you can already get 20% code for discount for your first purchase! Cool, isn't it??

You can live anywhere in the world, SPARK send your products to you for FREE shipping! How many sites does that, a?

Here is a little preview of some of the products they will be selling:

Any questions or you need more information? Check it on Facebook!!!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

New awsome online store O3!!!

I have awsome news! A couple of days ago, representative from this new incoming online store with glasses, contacted me asking if I could do some buzz about this new online store! Ofcourse, I agreed! They will also send me some products to review, but this will be in a whole seperate post.

So, let's start. First, facts:
O3 is a slovenian new brand of glasses and online store. It will be up in a upcoming weeks. Most important, they ship worldwide with FREE shipping. So, buy your desired glasses and get them without shipping costs. And we all know that's expensive...

O3 is totally new brand of sunglasses, that are suitable for everybody: young, older, man and women, they are tottaly funky and cute! If you want to be in style, o3 sunglasses are for you!
Even if you are more serious person, they have more serious models for you too!

Their online site is not up yet, but you can already get 20% discount if you write your email address. Simple as that!

Here is a little sneak preview of a couple of models they will have in online store:

Any questions or you need more info? Check it on Facebook!

And also if you click on my banner, you will also get 20% off of your whole purchase. Click it, it's free :-) Remember, 14 days from now, online store will be OPEN!!
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