Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween witch design

I started with basic color- orange and I used Essence Fruit punch from Limited edition Return to paradise. I applied two coats and I love the color, because is bright orange color with yellowish sparkles in it.
For the design I used Bundle monster image plate no.13 and I used three different images. On all my nails except thumbs, I stamped witches design and I used black stamping polish from Essence. I had problems with stamping and I had to go over the design twice to acchieve bold design.I mean, that I applied polish, scraped it, applied another coat of polish, scraped it again and than stampi it and placed it on my nails.
On my thumbs I used spider web and spider design.Spider web stamped easily, but with spiders I also had problems.
I like it a lot, do you :-) ?

Monday, October 25, 2010


 Today I bought myself new nail polish, from Essence ofcourse :-) This one is from their new products and it's called MUST HAVE. But pictures don't give him justice. I love the color- it's on the darker side and it's kind of granit color; dark grey- blue color with tinny silver and green shimmer in it. But they are almost not noticeable.
 Formula of the polish is amazing, because the application is very easy, the brush doesn't leave any marks behind and polish is not bubbly. I applied two coats, but first one was bold enough.
The brush is the same as all Multi dimension polishes from Essence, easy to move around nail surface and stiff enough to easily control it. I definitely recommend this one! I give this one 5 out of 5!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

P2 nostalgic moments

 I recieved this nail polish within a swap and I have to say that I love it! I never heard of this brand of nail polishes and I decided to try it out! The color is amazing, very appropriate for incoming Halloween! I already have in mind witch design I will put on it.
 I love the color, it's pastel orange, maybe just a little bit darker as on this pictures. It has a cream finish and I think this one would also be interesting in matt finish.I really like the formula, because is not watery or bubbly and that's why application is super easy. I applied two coats of it and it's opake color and great payoff.
I also like the brush, maybe I would like it better if the stick of the brush would be little bit longer. I like the design of the bottle, it's unique and the handle has carved rose on the top. I recommend this one and I definetly have to get more colors of this one!

French manicure (Essence french manicure kit) after a week

 Here is my manicure after one week. I think it's still good looking, for a week period. The ends are showing a bit, but the actual polish didn't chipped off. When I do regular french tip design (with white regular polish and a topcoat) it never lasts me a week, because the white part always chips off and I get tiny lines around my end of the nails... I usually remove it after 3 or 4 days. But with this kit I easily wore it for a week. But today I'm getting this off and something exiting on :-) So, my final rating for this kit is 4 out of 5, because of the good quality and long lasting resoult!

Monday, October 18, 2010

STUDIO NAILS- nail fashion stickers

Today I would like to present to you this amazing nail stickers, that are taking all over the world :-) Friend of mine told me that they are big BIG hit in Germany and I think they will conquer the entire word :-)
Essence came out with 12 different patterens on nail stickers, which are placed all over your nails. I picked up 10 of them (the other 2 were just too pink for me!) and special nail file, which is used for shapping and cleaning the edges of  stickers.

So, here is the close up look at some of those I bought:

The instructions on the back says that you have to use stickers on bare, clean nails, than you choose correct size for your chosen nail and very important step is to correctly place the sticker on your nail. The oval side must be placed against cuticle line, but you have to leave a bit space between. Than you place the stickers on and flatten surface trough gentle rubbing. And the last step is to gentle file off excess of the sticker with special nail file (which I mentioned above). And you're DONE!

For longer lasting design is important to apply topcoat over it and for removing these stickers- just gentle peel it off!
And now I have a little pool for you to tell me which ones would you like me to try it first?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So, my blog giveaway is over (closed since yesterday) and that I don't keep you waiting, I decided to choose a winner today!
I wrote all the names who entered my giveaway on indentical peaces of papers and I put them in my "magic box" :-)
Let me tell you first, that I had to disqualify 4 girls, which didn't follow the rules exactly as they where. One of them entered twice, others didn't wrote their favorite post ect...
Here are all the entries and let's the draw begin!

I didn't look at the names between, believe me, shuffle was done as it should be, and here is my winning peace of paper:
 AND THE WINNER IS.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll contact you during today to get your shipping information, so I'll be able to send your prise to you!

Plese, no sorrow losers, because NEXT WEEK I'll be having another giveaway, so please check back later and try your luck again!

Friday, October 15, 2010

French manicure with new Essence french manicure set + express dry drops

Because two of my nails broke, I shorten all of them and I went with tipical french manicure. I recieved this product and decided to do a review on it.
Well, this complete contains:
  1. WHITE TIP PAINTER: it is bottle with white nail polish with a thin brush, inteded to use it for white tips. Well, this one disappointed me. Mainly because of the brush. The bristles was all different lenght, so I had to cut them all, to have all the same lenght. I cut them in angle brush (like an angled eyeliner brush). But the brush is way to stiff to paint perfect white tip. But I like the formula of this white one. So, I give this one 1 out of 5, just because of the brush. 
    2. ROSE TOPCOAT: Woow, this one is amazing! I like the color, the brush and the formula. It is very gentle rose color, that looks like professional done manicure. I applied two coats of it, because the first one was little bit to sheer for me. Application is super easy, the brush doesn't leave any marks behind. I gave this one rating 5 out of 5!
    3. 22 TIP GUIDES: This as my first time using tip guides, because of the brush of white tip painter. Otherwise I free hand my white tips, but here I had to use them, because of that brush I couldn't get perfect line of the tip. They are all the same size, easy to to apply and to remove. I applied them on all my nails, painted white tip and waited till my tips was completly dry. Than I carefully removed them and they went off easy and they didn't remove any white. And than I went over rose topcoat. I give tip guides rating 5  out of 5.
And this is the finished resoult. I hope this one will last me at least one week! Otherwise all this hard work went to nothing!
I finished this one with new express dry drops from Essence also. It has pipette with which you squeeze a couple of drops out of bottle and placed them on nails...  My manicure dried up in about 5 minutes, so it's deffinetly not so good as Seche Vite fast drying topcoat, but it's still better than use nothing at all. For couple of minutes you have an oily residue left on fingers, but when I rubbed them on eachother, that residue went away. So, this one I rate 4 out of 5.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Today I decided to go with the blues :-) And I picked up from a box this one- Zoya IBIZA! This one looks just amazing! And I don't know why I haven't tried it out yet, but here it is!
It's really deep rich blue color, with no shimmer or glitter in it and I believe this one has a creamy finish. I applied two coats, but even one would be enough. I just made some mistakes with first application and that's why I applied two.The color payoff is absolutley amazing!
I love the formula and the brush of this polish, only good things about it!

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