Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Essence Gold rush

Today I want to show you this Essence polish which I bought yesterday. I saw it and thought why not, let's try it. It looks intersting and I don't have a lot of gold ones, so here it is! I'm happy I bought it, because I really like it.
I like the color very much, it's very gentle gold color with shimmer effect in it. I applied two coats and maybe I could went with the third one also. Too bad today is not a sunny day, because I wonder how shiny this one is. I think, a lot!
I don't know if Essence changed brushes of their nail polishes, but this one is very good. It's slim on two sides, so it's perfect fot three strokes application. It's also very easy to control!
This polish is also very easy to apply, the brush doesn't leave any marks behind. The formula I adore, because of the super easy way to apply it. It's not watery, runny or bubbly at all! If you like Essence polishes, this one I definetly recommend!


  1. I have this one too and I like it alot. Exactly for the reasons you give!

  2. Pretty color! :) And perfect nails.

  3. Thank you girls for the sweetest comments!

  4. All colour & go polishes have these flat brushes. The regular ones don't :-( Nice review

  5. Like that shade of gold. It's not an in your face shade. Looks more antique looking.


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