Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JOY nail polishes

Yesterday I discovered JOY nail polishes in Tuš drugstore. They are very cheap 0,89€ each and I thought, why not, let's try them out.
And I was plesently surprised. They are great quality! For the prize I expected watery, bubbly and sheer colors. But not at all! With two coats they are quite nice.
First one is lime green color and this one is the worst from all of them. I applied three coats to acchieve this color. But the brush is good qualitiy, the application is super easy, not striky and not bubbly.

The second one is lovely purple magenta color, also super easy to apply. I did two coats and look at the color- awsome!

Third one is bright red color, it's very vibrant, easy to apply and on the picture are two coats.

The next one is gentle rose- pinkish color with a slight sheen to it. Also very good quality- you see two coats. Super easy application with great brush.

The fifth one is amazing baby blue color and I haven't anything similar to this one yet. So, this one is deffinety a keeper! Two coats are enough and the brush acchieves perfect application.

With this one I'm very pleased, because it's bright, almoust neon yellow color. Also a keeper! I thouht this one would be the most watery and sheer, but not at all- two coats on the picture. Again, super easy to apply, no marks behind the brush.

The last one is this awsome pink color. I hate everythink pink, but this one cought my eye. Well, I'll put this one for swap, because I don't wear anything pink, but for the sake of this post, I must say that the color is adorable. No marks behind the brush and I applied only two coats.

I would deffinetly recommend this brand of polishes, especially because they are co cheap and you get good quality polishes!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Essence ECLIPSE limited edition

Yeah, I finally recieved hard expected limited edition from Essence witch is dedicated to new monie from Twilight saga- ECLIPSE!
Let's first start with duo eyeshadows. This collection got three of them and they are all 2,49€ each.
First one is called WEREWOLF OR VAMPIRE? All of these can be used wet or dry. I did swatches only dry and they are good quality, quite intense colors. The big one dark grey with sparkles of green and purple color and the small on is silvery gray color.
The next one is called LA PUSH OR FORKS? and it can be also applied wet or dry- on the picture is only dry application.
The bigger part is dark pink color with light pinkish shimmer in and the small part of it is light pink color.

The last one is called EDWARD OR JACOB? The bigger part of this eyeshadow has greyish- purple undertone with some purple and pink shimmer in it. And the smaller part is silver color.

And let's go on with lip glosses; they all cost 1,99€ each
First one is called READY TO BE BITTEN and it's very suddle color with some pinkish shimmer in it.
 I think this one would go great with some nude lipsticks or for some bold eye makeup.

The next is called LUNCH AT CULLEN'S and omg I love this color. Bold red look at my lips color :-)

The last one I got is called UNDEAD? and I thought this one would be a little darker, but unfortunatly is not. It has a lot of silver sparkles in it and I think this one would also work great with some lipstick underneath.

So, let's move on the nail polishes. This colection has 5 of them, but I only got 4.They cost 1,69€ each.
The first one is called UNDEAD? This one is my favorite. It's black with some purple, even red sparkles in it. The application is super easy and I love the brush. It's perfect for three strokes application.

The next one is called THIRSTY? and it's light vampy red color, also very easy to apply, the brush does not leave any marks.

The thirs is called HIDE BELLA HIDE and it's silver color with metal- frost finish. But it's also very easy to apply, not like for example Metallic muse from China glaze.

The last one I have is called READY TO BE BITTEN and it's light pink color, very appropriate for french style manicute. First coat is very sheer and on this picture I applied three coats. It has some thiny silver- pink glitters in it- gorgeous!

And that all I've got. In this collection are also two kajal pencils- grey and black and also face powder with some silver sparkles in it. Maybe I'll buy them later on :-)
Now I'm off, enjoying my Eclipse :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

KONAD marble design

I decided to spice up my Kalista (from previous post) with some KONAD. I went for image plate m78 and white special polish also from KONAD. I tried different color combinations first and I like the most with olive green and white. So, I went for white.
You can read more about Zoya Kalisto in my previous post. for this one I went with all over nail design, because I like bold and loud designs on my nails.
It's super easy to apply and qiuckly done. nothing special... I think I never used this design before, but I like it a lot and in the future I'll try some different color combinations.
Do you like it? I do :-))))


This polish I got recntly with a swap. It's more on the vampy side of red color with thiny hints of bright bronze- red shimmer inside. Abolutely beautifull color! I applied two coats of it, because the first one was a little bit sheer and I decided to go with two coats.
It's the right amout of thickness so I think this one will also work great with stamping designs. The application is super easy, the brush acchieves perfect three strokes application. It's stiff enought to have a lot od control with applying it.
I recommend trying this one, for all of you wo don't like bold red polishes, because this one has a hint of bronze undertones to it. The brush does not leave any marks behind and as I said super easy to apply.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My new channel on YouTube

Hey all! Today unfortunatley my old channel (rastalove555) on YouTube got suspended  :-( I had on over 50 videos, almoust 500 Subscribers and I have to start all over :-( 

So, here is link to my new channel and please subscribe!!!
I'm already loading back my videos, but that will be long proces. 

But I don't mind doing it all for you! :-)))

Friday, June 11, 2010

Marihuana in rasta colors

For this design I used Orly LEMONADE as my base color (two coats) and Bundle Monster image plate #7 - ganja leaf. I decided to choose rasta colors, so for the design I used green and red special polish from KONAD.
First I applied all the green leaves, one on each nail, only my tumbs has two of the green ones. Then I applied one red leaf on each nail. It's super easy and quickly done.
My last step was applying KONAD special top coat to secure the design and VIOLA we're done :-)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Crown stamping design

So, as I promised, I tried out my new image plates (BM08) with the crown design. I thought of it a lot wich design in what color would go well with this deep purple color nail polish and I decided to go with gold crowns :-)
I think it turned out well! I used China glaze HI-TEK for the stamping designs, it's beautifull gold color and it is from KHROME collection. I heard that entire Khrome cllection from China Glaze works well with stamping nail art.
I choose very delicat design- crown and I can tell you that Bundle monster image plates works as well as the KONAD ones does. In the future I'll try more of them and I hope they will all work the same!
I randomly placed designs al over my nails, all in the same gold color. I think this is really fun design, you just have to brave enough to wear it! Do you like it?
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