Friday, September 28, 2012

BornPretty store

Today I have some good news for you. On the right side you can see I have a new banner for you from BornPretty online store for all sorts of things- nail polishes, nail art supplies, makeup, eyelashes, hair supplies, jewelry, accessories, Hello Kitty products- REALLY COOL SITE!

And they offer for all my readers 10% discout if you use coupon code PUL91 at the end of the purchuse. How nice is that?!?

They ship worldwide with no costs and as soons as I get their product, I will have a review for you of something really interesting :-)

And the best thing is- if this code is used at least 10 times, they will sponsor a giveaway on my channel!!! So girls, lets get shopping so we can have a cool giveaway soon!!!

Ps. Please leave me a comment if you're gonna use the coupon code!
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