Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Essence MOST WANTED with matt topcoat

 I was wondering in the post where I presented to you this polish MOST WANTED how would this on look in matt version. And here it is! I think this one looks even better in matt version than in the shiny one. What do you think?

Application of Essence matt top coat is super easy, maybe I can tell you that I applied two coats  intead of one, to really cover whole nail and not to leave any stripes behind. Because I don't like the effect of shiny stripes in between. Maybe if that would be my goal I would like it. But this one I wanted the whole nail matt.
I'm thinking of doing some kind of design over it, do you have any ideas for me?


Friday, September 24, 2010

Comparison: Essence mascaras: ALL EYES ON ME & STAYS ON AND ON AND ON

Today I have interesting comparison for you. I compared two new mascaras from Essence, which will be in the stores soon!
First one is called ALL EYES ON ME and I have it in SOFT BLACK (#01). On the picture you see the tube and the brush of it.

Here is my naked eye with no products on. You can see I have very light colored eyelashes, not very thick, but they are quite long.
Everytime I apply my mascara I curl them with eyelash curler and place a primer on them. For this post I didn't placed any primer, just mascara.

Here you can see my lashes with mascara. I applied about three to four coats and one on my lower lashes.

It thickened my lashes quite a bit and added a little bit of lenght.But unfortunaltey they are a little bit clumbed together. I should maybe used lash comb to separate them just a bit. I give this mascara 4 out of 5, because I love the brush and the color, but I don't like how it makes my lashes look spiky :-(

The second one is also in black and it's called STAYS ON AND ON AND ON :-) Interesting name :-) This one has a long holder of the brush and it's a little bit more tricky to handle, but I absolutley love the brush. Here is the resoult:

I applied three coats on my upper lashes and one on my bottom lashes. This one does not give as many volume, but longates my lashes a lot!

It's easier to apply than the first one, because it's not so thick and it is also very buildable. With this one I would not have to use a comb to separate my lashes, because the brush does an amazing job itself!

This one I rate 5 out of 5, because I like the end resoult, the brush and staying power. It didn't smear a bit and that is what I'm looking for in a mascara.

I hope you found the review helpfull in any way :-)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Essence Choose me! french tip

I painted my nails yesterday in french manicure style, it's just not with the usuall colors. For french tip I used new polishes from Essence Choose me! (I have a post about it). Around this polish is a big hipe going on and I can see why. It's really gorgeous and unique!
I placed Choose me! little bit under my french tip and drag it diagonally over the tip of my nail. So, it covers almost my whole nail tip. I applied two coats of it and let all my tips dry completly. Than I used Essence thin brush in black to draw three thin lines and let them dry.
And then I used Essence thin brush in white and the biggest line I drew accros french tip and two little ones in middle of two blacks. I did the same design on all fingers. I super easy and quickly done! And it's smokin' hot :-))))
And then I just went over with my Seche Vite fast drying topcoat and VIOLA!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essence quattro eyeshadow OH SO CUTE + bronzer + blush

Today I would like to present to you this look. It's all made with new products from Essence. First I contured with new bronzing powder along the nose, under the chickbone and long the side of the face, to make the picture more dimensional.  
The bronzer has a matt finish, so it's also great for counturing, not just to apply like a regular bronzer.

Than I used new multicolor blush and I applied it on the chickbone and swept it towards the enge of the face. It has tiny shine to it, but not too much. You can choose how deep you want your blush. You can only take down bottom of the blush to make it really gentle or you can take the whole blush (with the darker shades as well) to make a little bit more bold blush color. It is up to you!
For the eyes I used new quattro eyeshadow set called OH SO CUTE (#4). It has four different eyeshadows and they work well together, so if you are in a hurry, you can only use this quad and your done!
Up left- white eyeshadow I used for highligtning under the brown bone. Up right- rose color I used under the low lash line. Down left- light blue I used all over the lid and down right- navy blue eyeshadow I used to deepen my crease and to blend everything together and out. And I also brought it just a bit on the lower outer corner of lash line. 
They all have shimmer finish, I would wished that the white and/ or rose color would have matt finish, but it's ok, I can always apply another matt eyeshadow right :-) ? My rates for this products are:
  1. matt bronzing powder: 5 out of 5, just because it's so hard to find bronzer with a matt finish and I just adore the color!
  2. multicolor blush: 4 out of 5, only because it's just too pink for me, otherwise all good stuff!
  3. quattro eyeshadows: 4 out of 5, as I said, I wish one of them would be matt, otherwise, the colors are great, the payoff of the colors are amazing and I really like how the color combinations works well together!
  4. I recommend all the products! Essence has gotten really nice quality products, for so afordable prizes, I can't believe it!

Essence quattro eyeshadow CHIC- IFY

With this post I would like to present to you one of the four new quattro eyeshadow palettes and it is called CHIC- IFY (#2). It has four diferent colors of eyeshadows. They are nicely shaped and put together, so they are very interesting to look at. They all have shimmer finish.
First color is on the nude color range- pinkish nude color, appropriate for highlight color under the brownbone and also in the inner corners of eyes, second one is black, appropriate to create smokey effect.

Third color is brown, this one I would place in the crease and the last color is gorgeous silver color, also appropriate for the crease or as I used it, on the lower lashline.

Here are examples how this colors look on eye chart. I applied pinkish- nude color under the brow, brown shadow I placed in the crease, black I used for smokey effect and on the outer corner on the lower lash line. In the inner corner of the lower lash line I placed silver shadow.
First picture is taken under the artificial light, second one shows you shimmers and the third picture is taken in the natural light.
They are all very easy to apply and also easy to remove. I used makeup remover wipes and they came off easily!
I would recommend to purchase this quad for everyday use, because you can create natural eye.
I would give 4 out of 5, just because I like more bold colors.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!!

All right! I finally got to do this! I've been promising for a long time my first blog giveaway (when I reached 100 followers!) and here is the post you all have been waiting for... hopefully!
Let me first start about the prizes!
I have two new nail polishes from Essence for you, first one is JUST ROCK IT! and second one is JUST SHOUT! You can read more about them in one of mine previous posts. And third bottle is, as you see, MATT TOP COAT! Pretty awsome right :-) ?
Second comes this fruit slice nail wheel with all kinds of fruit slices- orange, strawberry, apple, watermelon, kiwi, lime.... They are good quality and with them you can make your nails POP!
Than comes two different nail stickers for french tip manicure. I have used them also (you can see them in one of mine posts) and please read my tips about using them!

And this little package is for nail piercing! It comes with a screw to screw little hole in your nails and it also has three different nail piercings- star, cross and lief with some bling bling on it! Great, right???
And now for the rules:
  3. I'LL CHOOSE A WINNER WITH RANDOM DRAW (I'll make little pieces of paper with your name on it and draw one of you from my box)
You can enter till 15th of October 2010, any entries posted later, I can not accept! So, what are you waiting for? Go trough my posts, read them and leave a comment!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I have for you two of the new polishes from XXXL multi dimension nail polishes. First one is called JUST SHOUT! (#67), left picture and the second is called MOST WANTED (#66) right picture.
So, let me start with JUST SHOUT!. It's in the orange family color, but it has a pinch of coral undertone.
It's in the pastel range and it doesn't have any shimmer or shine in it. It's gorgeous color, very similar to Essie Carousel Coral (I have a post about it) but not the same. I think this one would look beuatifull mattefied! I'll have to try it out!
The brush is also very good, easy to control. And I absolutley adore the formula of the polish. It's super easy to apply, the brush doesn't leave any marks behind!

The next one is MOST WANTED and I think it's an amazing color. It's kind of mix between gray and brown and it's also very unique.
It's pastel polish, with no shimmer, glitters or shine to it, very appropriate for incoming fall. This one I also have to try to cover with matt finish topcoat. The formula and the brush are also amazing, very good quality for such a low price- 1,79€! How cheap is that??

My overall rating of thistwo polishes is absolutley 5 out of 5! And I would buy them again and again and again :-) Try them out!

Essence Choose me!

Today I have another one of the new polishes from Color&Go line of nail polishes. And this one is called CHOOSE ME! (#38) This one is very popular one and I can see why. It's very interesting color, very unique and I think it's a perfect cheeper dupe for Zoya Charla and OPI catch me in your net. Those two have been long on my wish list and now I have this one which looks like almost the same.
It's very gorgeous polish, very easy to apply and the brush is amazing! It's flat on two sides, very easy to control and you can achieve three strokes application. The formul is not runny or bubbly and you get very nice glittery effect with it!
 The color is on the brughter side of blue, with silver and light green glitters in it- AMAZING! I don't know how it is to remove, but I think some pure aceton will remove it just fine. On the picture you see two coats of it and I think is enough. I would also try to apply it over darker blue polish. I would definitely recommend to buy this one if you like this kinds of polishes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Essence Just rock it!

With this post I'm presenting new polish from Essence new line of Color&Go nail polishes. This one is called JUST ROCK IT! (#37) and it's deep blue color. It doesn't have any shimmer or glitters in it, it's simply just blue color. It's very wearable for those girls who like bolder colors on their nails!
The brush of the polish is amazing. It's thinner on two sides than the other two and it's perfect for three strokes application. It doesn't leave any marks behind at all.
The formula I adore. It's very easy to apply, it's not watery or bubbly and on the picture you see one coat. And look at the color, how bold it is! I wonder how would this look at matt version! I definitely recommend this polish!
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