Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's eve manicure feat. OPI BLACK SHATTER

 Hi! Long time no read, a? Well, here I am, I'm back :-) Today I would like to present to you this amazing nail polish from OPI called Black shatter. As you see it has crackled effect! Awsome, right?
 Last week I was in Ljubljana and I went to Muller and ofcourse I saw new polishes from OPI that I just couldn't passed by... And this one was the only one left so I bought it. This one was a bit expensive for my taste - 13€, but I'm not disappointed at all! It was worth buying it!
 Well, as my base color I used China glaze- Millennium- plane silver color. It should be completly dry, before I used OPI, but as you see on the pictures, I was too fast with OPI application, so the crackles are also on my base color. So, I can't stress enough, you MUST wait to your base color is COMPLETLY dry, before you use any crackled nail polish.
 Well, because I was too fast, this manicure is not so perfect as it should be, but oh well.... Here it is anyways! So, when your base color is dry, than you just apply OPI over it and wait for it to dry. And as it drys, the crakles appears! Simple as that! Than I just applied clear topcoat and this manicure was done!
But next time I'll wait that my base color will be completly dry and it will be much better. You'll see it in my next post :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Essence Fashion stickers- white tiger


Today I tried out another fashion stickers from Essence and I went for white tiger print. And I think it worked out beautifully!
 What do you think?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Essence fashion nail stickers- cheetah print

  Today I decided to try this stickers. I've read so much about them, some good and also some bad reviews. And I was really wondering how would they work out for me.
 First I tried out silver foil and they didn't worked ok. I don't know if they are to thick, but they just didn't bend over my nails and they wrinkled whole lot. So, I went for this one instead and they worked perfect!
How wicked looking are these??? They look AWSOME! The application took me about 20 minutes for all ten nails, with filing included. It's not so hard when you get used to it. First you have to placed them near your cuticles and than firmly rub them trough whole nail surface. And than just take the file and file off end of the stickers around your nail tip and viola, this is the end resoult.
Awsome looking right???

Friday, November 26, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

I was tagged for lovley blog award from FEMKETJE,
thank you soo much!

And I tag all of you who read my blog!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eva garden #73

This one is my first eva Garden nail polish and I got it as a gift for my B-Day. Actually I got three of them and I choose this one to try it out first. I have never heard for this brand of nail polishes and I was excited to try it out. And I love it!
I love the color of this one, I applied three coats and it's amazing dark red vampy color, very classy. Appropriate for events, such as dinners, celebrations... as I said, very classy and chic color.
The formula is also great, just the right amount of thickness. It has a cream finish and I also like the brush. Perfect for three strokes application. I give this one 5 out of 5.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Essence Metallics STEEL ME

I tried out another Metallics nail polish- this time STEEL ME. Well, although I like it, this one does not work so well with magnet as the other ones- COPPER RULEZ AND NOTHING ELSE METALS.
I love the color, it's really metal looking, silver and black with silver sparkles in it. I also like without magnet effect on it and I think next time I'll use it without one. Well, the formula is also a bit ticker than the regular polish formula, but it's not complicated to apply.
Unfortunatley my camera wasn't able to picked up stripes that were created with magnet, but I tried really hard to capture them. Maybe on next picture are visible the best.
Again, you have to be fast with application and than using the magnet, but I manage to do it so. I like the horizontal stripes also. This effect is really amazing. The brush is also good quality and I give this one 4 out of 5, just because the magnet doesn't achieve the effect I would like it.
Now I have one question for you. I'm looking around the internet for a long time now and I'm trying to find some rating application, which I can put under every single post I write to rate products that I'm reviewing. Do you know what I mean? Do you have any suggestions for me where can I find something like this?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Essence Metallics Nothing else metals

My polish of the day is this one- NOTHING ELSE METALS  from Metallics trend edition from Essence. First of all, big thank you to *Fleur* for sending me Shrek magnets with which I acchieved this look. Essence magnet unfortunatley didn't work but with this one magnet polish actually worked!
 I applied two coats and than immediately I placed magnet aproximately 3mm from my nail and this design appeared. How cool is that :-) ?!?
 The polish is on the thicker side so the application  is a bit tricky and also you have to be super fast with a magnet afterwords. Oh, and one more thing- before the application you have to shake bottle very well.
 After polishing, I applied Essence express dry drops and my manicure was done. This drops works very well with me, because the polish is actually dry really fast.
 This is the magnet I used and I definitely recommend using this one if your Essence magnet doesn't work.

You like it? :-) Me like it, lool!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Essence Metallics Metal Battle

I tried out another polish from Metallics limited edition and this is my second favorite one - METAL BATTLE. This one is not a magnetic polish, but it's gorgeous also! It is dark, misterious and very appropriate for doing some design over it.
 The formula of this one is not tacky at all, application goes on smoothly and easy. I applied two coats of it to acchieve very opake color. Up close is very interesting color- black base with hints of gray in it and it also has some very fine silver sparkles in it. Very beautifull color! 
 The brush is also great, perfect for three strokes application, very easy to handle too. Tomorrow I will try this one is matt version, because I think those sparkles would be much more visible in matt version. What do you think?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Essence METALLICS jewelry

 Yesterday I bought myself some treats from Metallics jewelry. I found full display, but I only took few of them, because some of the jewelry was too big for me, too fancy or with cross, which I don't like... On Essence website I didn't saw anything interesting, but on actual display was a lot more types of jewelry.
 I took this bracelet, which is just amazing to me. It has a lot of studs, it has an elastic band and it was around 4€, I don't remember the exact price. On hand it looks like this... Great, right? I like it a lot! This is my favortie piece I bought.
 Than I also bought this pair of earrings. They are dangling type, but not too long for me. I like them, because they are very fragile loking and also something different that I already have. I'm not big earring person, but sometimes I like to wear them, for some special events or so.

 And last item I bought are this bracelets also. They come in pairs and I took two of them, so I have four of the same type. I will wear them all together and I think they also ook nice.

 They were also around 4 to 5€ each. Displays also had some other bracelets, but none of them catched my eyes. They also had some other necklaces, but I didn't like any of them.
What do you think about this items?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Essence METALLICS Copper rulez!

YEEEEY! Today I finally recieved Metallics Limited colection nail polishes and first I would like to present  you #2 COPPER RULEZ! I found out that this one works best with magnet.
I have all 5 of them, but unfortunatley only two works with a magnet, the other three I couldn't do the lines or anything :-( Well, let me start with this one. It's a bronze- brown color with gold mettalic parts in it. I applied two coats of it. The formula is a bit thacky and the application is a bit complicated. I wanted to do diagonal stripes with Essence magnet, but that didn't worked out. The magnet is not strong enough to do the lines.
So I took another magnet and when I placed polish on my nail, I took the magnet and placed it on top of my cuticle area and than the polish transformed arond it and make this half moon shaped thingies on my nails :-) I'm a bit dissapointed of the Essence magnet and now I have to go buy some other stronger magnet to bring out the best of these polishes. I hope also another three will work better with stronger magnet. I finished it with express dry drops and this is the final resoult. I think it's still good looking manicure :-) What kind of magnet do you suggest?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

China glaze Cloud nine

 Today I give you this one- CLOUD NINE from China glaze! This one reminds me of winter, snowflakes, incoming holidays... and I decided to introduced it to you.
 I applied two coats of it and I think the third one would be indeed also. It is sheer white polish with gold glitters in it and I think this one will be pain in the a** to remove :-) but it's worth it! As you know, China glaze is my favorite brand of nai polishes, because of the formula and the brush. The formula of this one is a bit tacky so it's a bit harder to achieve perfect application, but because of the end resould is worth trying.
 The brush is just amazing, it has just the right stiffnes and width for good application. On the lower picture you can see glitters in it and they are not sitting on the top of the polish, but it's mixed in it, some are under and some are over the polish. I'm thinking about doing some design over it, do you have any suggestions?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween witch design

I started with basic color- orange and I used Essence Fruit punch from Limited edition Return to paradise. I applied two coats and I love the color, because is bright orange color with yellowish sparkles in it.
For the design I used Bundle monster image plate no.13 and I used three different images. On all my nails except thumbs, I stamped witches design and I used black stamping polish from Essence. I had problems with stamping and I had to go over the design twice to acchieve bold design.I mean, that I applied polish, scraped it, applied another coat of polish, scraped it again and than stampi it and placed it on my nails.
On my thumbs I used spider web and spider design.Spider web stamped easily, but with spiders I also had problems.
I like it a lot, do you :-) ?
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