Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why I have been gone....

Maybe some of you are wondering why I have been gone for such a long time... No, I did not stop writing my blog;
no, I still paint my nails;
no, I still love other makeup and cosmetics....
yes, I have tons of work at work....
yes, I've been very busy with my family life and I'm proud to tell you...

that we are expecting....
a baby....

Review: Essence Vampire's Love Limited edition

I know I'm long overdue with this post, but because I love these products so much, I have to say a few words about them. I know you probably know this collection in and out, but here are my favorite products from this one.
I love and adore this palette, every single eyeshadow is something unique and beautyfull and you can create tons of different looks with only 6 eyeshadows. My favorite is in the top row, far left one. Dark dark gold, almost black with hint of gold is very appropriate for these days, when New Year's eve is coming and it looks amazing with some gold eyeliner and dramatic long lashes!
This collection came out with 5 different nail polishes. I have four of them, fifth is blue shade and I have way to much blue ones in my collection. These four are gorgeous polishes and also very unique in my collection. and you can see also very famous TRUE LOVE :-)
And this little bottle contains volume lash powder and small brush applicator. as you see on the plastic wrapper around, this are tiny bits of fibers, taht stick on top of first coat of mascara. and after use you have to apply another coat of mascara to achieve full volume of lashes. This is great to use, if you have mascara that only gives lenght, but no volume to your lashes.
And this are all products that are my favorite. I also have shimmer powder, but I used as a highliter, because it's just too sparkly to use it as a all over powder.
Thanks for reading....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bundle monster #224 Halloween pumpkin

I started with Essence MAKES ME WEAK color as my base. It's very pretty peachy color, very appropriate for doing some design over it. First, I didn't had in my mind to do Halloween desig, but this color inspired me to do so. 
Here you can see this color on direct sunlight  and on natural daylight. It has cramy finish. My only complaint about this one is about the brush. Its very wide and not good quality, don't like it at all!
Than I choose this image plate from Bundle monster no. 224 and I went for halloween pumpkins design :-) I think it just so cute!!!
 I used black special polish from Essence for the design and I stamped it on top of my nails, so that I left tips blank. This way this design looks best, it looks like branches are coming out from my cuticles :-)
 I finished it with a coat of special topcoat from Konad and VOILA, the end resoult :-)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red manicure feat. new ESSENCE polish TIME FOR ROMANCE

Last time I went to DM drugstore I saw two gorgeous new polishes from Essence and this one is my favorite. They are both appropriate for layering, because their base is almost clear. So, for this one I used as my base color this red polish from Mode cosmetics, called ARSONIST. It's on the darkers shades od red with golden and red sparkles in it. I couldn't captured them on pictures, but it's very beautifull on it's own, too!
And this polish is what I'm talking about :-) It's called TIME FOR ROMANCE. On it's own it is nothing special, because of the clear base, but over red polish, it truly shines! 
 It has tons of silver and red sparkles and a lot of red hexagon glitters! Truly amazing for layering! I applied pretty thick coat of this one and finished it with Seche vite fast drying topcoat. I like it... a lot :-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bundle monster #212 Abstract eyes design

Today I have another stamping design for you with new set of image plates from Bundle monster. For my base color I used 1 coat Catrice's Pool party at night. I absolutely adore this color. This picture unfortunatey is not 100% accurate. This color is a mix between dark blue and purple color, with a cream finish. Super for stamping!
Than I used Bundle monster image plate no. 212, all over nail design, I saw it as bunch of eyes, but I think they are very simple peacock feathers (only tops of feathers). But let's say they are eyes :-)
 For the design I used one of my favorite polishes from China glaze Metallic muse. And this is the final look. I topped it with special topcoat from Konad, let it dry and I'm done :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

 Today I have very simple manicure for you, that is done very quick. As my base color I used Essence Limited edition URBAN MESSAGES no. 04 NIGHTLINE. It's a dark blue color with light blue sparkles in it. Very easy to apply and here you see two coats.
 I waited it to complety dry and that I applied one thin coat of Essence CRACK ME! SILVER on top of it. In a few seconds topcoat cracked and this is the final look.

 I hope you like it! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Preview: Catrice limited edition "Welcome to Las Vegas"

Let the show begin! When the sun sets behind the horizon, the desert city of Las Vegas turns into a sparkling sea of glittering lights. Standing ovations for spectacular shows, seductive showgirls, exciting pin-up costumes – open the red curtain for the new Limited Edition “Welcome to Las Vegas” by CATRICE. A hint of burlesque, pure glamour and great divas – with this breathtaking make-up, every woman is sure to be the highlight of the night. In November 2011, expressive eye make-up in dramatic dark shades and an elegant shimmer on your lips, nails and face open the door to a world full of indulgence, elegance and brilliance – this city is sure to transform us all. Welcome to Las Vegas!


Be a diva with perfect style down to the tips of your fingers. Do you want high color intensity, breathtaking shimmer and lasting durability with just one stroke of the brush? Whether you go for seductive red, sophisticated gold or dramatic black and blue, the Welcome to Vegas polishes guarantee a grand appearance! Let the show begin!
  C02 Alluring Night

C01 Lovely Sinner

C03 Star Of The Show
C04 Drama Queen


Feel like adding a subtle shimmer to your face and body? The Shimmering Powder comes in an elegant flacon with a pump dispenser. It not only provides a fascinating, smooth shimmer effect but also has a delicious scent to ensure unforgettable moments. The whole of Las Vegas will get lost in the moment…


Irresistible lips in just two easy steps! Exciting base colors in seductive red shades provide long-lasting, intensive lip color. The metallic highlighters in gold, bronze and platinum give the look a glamorous touch for lips that are impossible to resist!
C01 Lovely Sinner
C02 Welcome to Glitz And Glamour
C03 Let Me Seduce You


A touch of luxury - the Transparent Fixing Powder with an elaborate texture print ensures a fresh, matt complexion all night long. The ideal finish for glamorous evening make-up.
C10 Fairy Dust


Expression, drama, extravagance – the sophisticated Lashes for Show Down with an elegant, sweeping shape. For sexy eyes that turn every lady into the star of her very own show. The new Las Vegas look in perfection!


Would you like to emphasize your eyes with individual accents to give your look the ultimate finish? The luxurious Liquid Liner with golden shimmer pigments comes with a fine tip for accurate application and ensures gorgeous eye make-up.
C01 Drama Queen


Elegant gold and nearly-black shades provide the ultimate glamour factor with the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro eye shadows. The silky and highly pigmented texture helps to create awesome eye make-up with fascinating effects – and it lasts all night long.
C01 Curtain Up!
Would you like to try something?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preview: Essence trend edition "Little bakery"

This is a special edition of hands creams for this winter. The smellls will be delicious, according to names :-)
The name alone is enough to make your mouth water. a seductive combination of raspberry and chocolate cookies fills the air with a delicious scent reminiscent of american coffee shops in nyc the second you open the tube! cookies, brownies, fudge, cheesecake, donuts – lots of sweet temptations! the only difference is that you can enjoy the new 24h protection balm without regret as it has 0 calories! the tried and tested repair formula with shea butter and coconut oil pampers your hands and makes them feel wonderfully soft – for up to 24 hours!

Sweet, creamy and a little bit fluffy. sometimes, only a strawberry cream cupcake will do. now it’s no longer necessary to fly to new york for this indulgence. you can enjoy a delicious cupcake feeling with the essence hand cream – without any calories. thanks to this intensive care balm, you’ll be able to brave the winter with a smile on your face. rich, valuable ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter as well as a special repair complex offer plenty of moisture for particularly dry hands and give you a pampered feeling for up to 24 hours! this way, your hands will feel soft enough to caress at even the chilliest temperatures.

 Heaven on earth! with hands that smell of freshly baked vanilla apple pie, you’re sure to want more! but the care factor doesn’t fall short with this version either: tried and tested care ingredients with coconut oil and shea butter give your hands just the care they need in the winter season and offer plenty of moisture. the 24 hour formula ensures long-term protection so that rough, chapped skin doesn’t stand a chance!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Preview: Essence trend edition " Vampire's Love"

I'm very happy to present to you today this very sexy limited edition from Essence, called VAMPIRE'S LOVE. As you all probably know (and some of you that didn't know till now) I'm in love in vampires... Twilight, Vampire diaries, True blood... So, this collection is very special to all us- vampire lovers :-)

Vampire fever is in the air once again this winter. Mystical nights, endless love... - it's so easy to get infected with this new Essence limited edition. This products ensure a perfect vampire look- blood red lips, and pale, shimmering skin with a stylish twist- so mysterious and seductive. This collection will be available in stores in NOVEMBER 2011!!!!

Do you want stunning lashes that will make even the strongest vampire go weak at the knees? the volume lash powder conjures-up a seductive look with extra length and extra volume in seconds. simply apply mascara as usual, sprinkle the powder on your lashes with the practical brush applicator and then apply a second coat of mascara – done! a must-have for those who love a bit of drama! available in 01 eye need you. Price: 3,49€

This look will make vampires turn green with envy! six colors full of contrasts ensure magical and mysterious eye make-up. no matter whether you apply them individually or in combination, these colors and effects ranging from subtle to intense and ultra-expressive are sure to make the hearts of vampire fans beat faster. available in 01 love at first bite. Price: 3,89€

Vampire-style to go! five mystical nail polish colors with various effects offer you a trendy fall/winter look right down to the tips of your fingers. available in 01 gold old buffy, 02 into the dark, 03 true love, 04 the dawn is broken and 05 hunt me if you can. Price: 1,79.€
Is there a scent more bewitching than love? this fall, a brand new mystical seduction is in the air: the eau de toilette with its sensual aroma perfectly complements the vampire’s love make-up! Price: 7,49€
Enigmatic, seductive and heavenly. the delicate shimmer powder gives your complexion a gorgeous glow in the sunlight and makes it appear beautifully smooth. an absolute must-have for those who still want a seductive and radiant look when the sun rises. available in 01 lil’ vampire. Price: 3,49€
A sophisticated pallor? from now on, blushing is allowed – and not just when an endless love affair is sealed with a passionate kiss on-screen. the new blush in an innovative jelly texture is easy to apply and gives your cheeks a gentle pink finish. the pump dispenser is particularly practical when you’re on the go. available in 01 bloody mary. Price: 3,29€
Blood red lips – until the end of the night! the new lipstain covers your lips in gorgeous red and rosé shades and is particularly long-lasting. it is absolutely smudge-proof and ensures a perfect look at all times – for the ultimate vampire seduction! available in 01 bloody mary and 02 true love. Price: 2,19€
This collection will be available in TUŠ drugstor, DM drugstore, Beauty world and Muller. Can't wait!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bundle monster #211 flower design

Today I have another stamping design for you and, again, I used Bundle monster image plate, this time it's no.211's turn! For my base color I chose Joy nail polish in 387 color. This color is really hard to describe. It's a mix between greyish toupe and bluish shade color, very pretty, but it was  a bit too bland for me, so....
I chose this all over flower image for my design and for it, I used China glaze- Metallic muse, I love and adore!
This is the finall look and I hope you like it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bundle monster #210 Diamonds design

Again, I picked up next Bundle monster image plate and it was no. 210's turn. So, first I applied two coats of JOY shade no. 322 nail polish. It is light green color. You can also see it on direct sunlight, as weel as in the shade. I reall adore this cream finish shade of green.
And for the design I used image plate no.210- diamonds all over design and for it I chose green polish from Konad. 
 I placed special topcoat over it and VOILA! This is the final design! Love it :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Essence TE 50's girls reloaded LOVE ME TENDER feat. new crackle polish CRACK ME! BLUE

Today I came up with this nail look. For my base color I used polish from trend edition from Essence 50's girls reloaded- LOVE ME TENDER- goldy champagne color, with frost finish. This one is extra easy to apply, because it's not watery or bubbly and you don't have to be so carefull with the brush, because of it's frosty finish, marks of brush are visible anyways :-)
I applied two coats and finished it with Seche vite topcoat.
 Than I used new crackle polish from Essence, called Crack me! blue (new fall color coming out soon!). We all know this crackle polishes and I still loveeeee them :-)

I applied thin layer and waited for it to dry. I love the final look, because it mainly has vertical cracks and the base color shows just the right amount. 
 I didn't apply any topcoat over it, because I love this look so much. Do you?
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