Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skull konadicure with Essence image plate

Well, because the plain nail polish from Nfu.Oh #66 (previous post) was not good enough for me, I decided to play around with new image plate from Essence I recently bought. I went for the skull image with hearts instead of eyes. I love this one, it's super cute nad fun!
For the design I choose three diferent shades of green nail polishes. Fist I applied the lightest green, from Nubar GREEN TEA and do one skull on each nail. Then I went for a little bit darker shade- also from Nubar FOREST and also applied one skull on each nail. And the last I applied the darkest shade of green and it's from Zoya ENVY. And this is the final resoult. I LOOOOOVE it :-)

Nfu.Oh #66

This one is the second from my brand new Nfu.Oh polishes and it's number 66. Amazing color of nail polish. I discovered a couple colors in him. In this picture looks like silver holo, on my next picture it loos like blue holo, but it really has green undertone in it :-)
This picture is taken in the direct sunlight and it has a hint of blue in it. It's gorgeous holographic nail polish in the cuttest bottle. But it has a couple of downsides to it. It's horrible to apply! If your first coat is not complety dry, don't apply the second coat, otherwise you'll pull the whole application down. HORRIBLE I say, HORRIBLE! It took me almoust 30 minutes to the 2 coats on my all 10 fingers.
And I also don't like the brush. It's to stiff and way to thin. I think they should do something about that. Otherwise, the color payoff is amazing. It dries with a matt finish but in couple of minutes. I didn't have to apply Seche Vite at all.
Well, I found out that I like China Glaze holographic polishes more than I do this one. But I'm satisfied with this on ejust as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nfu.Oh #95

This one is one of two of my first Nfu.Oh nail polishes. They are very atractive to look at, but unfortunatly they are also expensive. But anyways, I decided to join with order with one of the girls from the forum and I'm very happy I did! I love both of them, but I decided to try this one first. Nfu.Oh polishes have an amazing bottle, as you see on the picture, but the actual polish is also great! I choose this one because it reminds me on the sea in the morning, when sun rises and sea comes to life.
The formula is a little bit runny, but I can deal with that because the pay off is amazing. This one is in light blue color that changes to light green (I could't capture it in the picture) and on the sun it glowes! Amazing!

I also love the brush, it's a little bit thiner that with CG polishes, but also great. First, the handle of the bottle bothered me a bit, because I'm not used to it, but latter on I found it very practical. Fingers sit on it great and you have a better grip with it.

I applied 2 coats of it and I could do it once more, maybe it would be better. But I stayed with two coats. And than just some Seche Vite and I'm done :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China glaze Fortune teller

Here is another amazing looking nail polish from China Glaze. I have ti admit CG is my favorite brand of nail polishes. I just love everything about them.!
This one is also one of the very unique color that CG produced and it's called Fortune teller. I saw a picture a couple of months back on some girl's blog and immediatley he went on my wish list. And I finally swapped for him!
It is black based color, but unfortnatley very sheer with big and small orange- bronze glitters in it. I had to apply 3 coats of it to achieve bold black color. But the formula itself is very good, because it's easy to apply and with the brush you can achieve three strokes application. It is also very unique color combination and very interesting to look at.
Only downside to this polish is removing it. OOMG, it is such a pain in the *ss!!! I used 5 coton balls and tones of 100% aceton nail polish remover. And than when I finally got it down, glitters were all over me, the table, on the floor...GRRRR! But it's worth it :-)
In the picture I have Essie Matte about you over it and I think it looks even better! The bronze glitters jump out even more! It chiped a little bit after 5 days, but that's not so bad, right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Orly Purple Velvet

Today I got a package in the mail, I swapped with a lovley girl that got me this gorgeous nail polish from Orly. It's called PURPLE VELVET and it's from matte couture collection. As the name says it is a purple color polish with a matt finish.
I love all Orly nail polishes I have, because of their formula. It's fast drying, it doesn't leave any strikes or any marks. I love the brush, it's the perfect for three strokes application. As I said it dries with a matt finish and the color has kind of silver-blue shine to it. Really amazing color!
I also have the black from the same collection and it's also an amazing color. I highly recommend this nail polish, both of them!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first two NUBAR nail polishes!!! GREEN TEA and INDIGO ILLUSION

On MakeupAlley (My items:  I swaped for this two beauties!!! They are my first Nubar polishes ever and I LOVEEEE THEM! I saw so many beautifull pictures of them, but I could't bought them anywhere! So, MUA was the answer :-)
First one is called GREEN TEA ant this picture unfortunatly doesn't give him justice. Today's no sun so I can't get the right shade :-(
Well, on this picture I captured more real shade of color. And it reminds me on actual green tea :-) It's cream formula and the application is perfect! The brush is wide enough to acchieve three stokes application and does not leave any marksat all! It's very unique color, kind of grassy looking. I recommend!
The next one is called INDIGO ILLUSION and it's just gorgeous! Sadly in bottle looks more divine that on nails, but it looks good anyways!
 Under the light it gives so many different colors. From blue, green, purple, red and even some hints of gold. I applied two coats and it's totally enough. I has a little bit shine to it and it's also very unique color. I don't own anything similar to it. The formula and the brush are great. So, I definetly recommend both of them and I hope they are not my last Nubars!


I have tons of blue nail polishes and I decided to do a comparison from Essence blue ones.
First from the left is GLISTEN UP! It's from collection COLOUR&GO and it's very interesting shade. It's very sheer, but over some dark or even lighter blue it looks amazing. I applied four coats to show the color. It's very light blue shade with some lisgt green- bluish flakes in it! And it also has some silver shimmer in it. From ESSENCE this one is the first with flakes in it and I wish they would had more polishes with flakes, more colors! It applies great, no striky! I recommend!
The second one from the left is UNDERWATER. Also from COLOUR&GO collection. I applied three coats of it and the color is beuatifull. Very dark blue but lighter than ESSENCE SYF Deep blue sea. It has light blue sheen to it and the application is gorgeous. The brush doesn't leave any marks, but it on the thicker side of formula. But I love it anyways :-)
On this picture the first from the left is POOL PARTY. Also very interesting color from COLOUR&GO collection. It's a light blue color with even lighter blue shimmers in it. I applied three coats to achieve bold color. The application is super fast and with no marks left behind. This color just makes me go to the pool and take a swim :-)
The last one (second from the left on the last picture) is BLUE LAGOON. This one is from MULTI DIMENSION collection and it's their newest nail polish. I absolutly love the color. The color is in the middle shades of blue and I would say it has a metal finish to it. I applied two coats of it and it seems to me two are enough. With application you must be very carefull, otherwise the brush leaves marks. The color is amazing and I definetly recommend it!
If  you have any questions, just ask!

Essence Image plate

Recently I found this gorgeous image plate from Essence. I now have four of them (if you want to see them all in one post, leave a comment!) and I can say they are very good quality (like KONAD or CHEZ-DELANEY!) and they have very interesting designs! Some of them I didn't saw anyhwere before.
This one bought because of the peace image and I have tried it already and it prints amazingly! The lines are thick, so the image is very visible and recognizable. Also the anchor I love very much, ideal fr incoming summer. I can combine it with sea shells or fishes... Great!
The flowers are also very beautifull and unique! If you want me to try them out, just say!

ESSENCE Show your feet- In the Jungle

As I said in my last post, Deep blue sea was not my last polish from Show your feet collection, and here is anothe beautifull one, called IN THE JUNGLE. This one is also amazing color, deep green, kind of olive but not green color :-) I love it!
I love the formula, love the brush, love it! I can't write enough positive things about this one. I didn't saw similar color before, so I decided to purchase this one. And I don't regret it! The application is perfect and it's pretty much quickly dry!
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