Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Essie Chocolate kisses

Well, today I was in the mood for some browns and this particular one I haven't try it out yet so here it is :-)
It's from Essie and as you know Essie has some really gorgeous colors and this one is one of them! I got this one within a swap with an amazing girl on MUA.
First picture is taken in the shade and it's really dark chocolate brown color but check out next picture taken in the direct sunlight!
Amazing right??? Two colors in one :-) I aplied two coats to acchieve this bold color. The formula is great, only downside to this polish is the brush. For me Essie brushes just don't work... They are to thin and small, so the application is a bit harder, but when you get used to the brushes, they are fine.
I really like this color and I definetly recommend it to try it out, if you are looking for some deep chocolate brown colors. I could snack my fingers off :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Purple swirly french tip design

Today I had some time to be creative a bit and this is what I came up with. As my base color I used ORLY Open your heart (2 coats). This one has a pinkish undertone and it's great for french tip design. On my tips I applied ESSENCE My little orchid (2 coats). This one is deep purple color (I love it!) as you see on the picture.
Than I took KONAD image plate m56- all are french tip images and I choose the swirly one. I didn't used it yet, so I went for that one. For the design itself I used white special polish from KONAD and placed the design on all my tips of nails.
The manicure seemed a little plain to me, so I decided to do a couple of different colors stripes on my tumb and ring finger. So, I used white Essence thin brush, Volare Cosmetics blue glitter thin brush and Kiss silver glitter thin brush polishes for drawing three stripes on mentioned nails.
I like it more now :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sally Hansen Chrome nail makeup + Dice konadicure

I wanted to show this one to you a long time ago but never got to try it actually. But here it is! The most amazing silver nail polish ever! This truly looks like I have put my fingers in the liquid silver metal! Amazing! It's a little tricky to apply, because it's stricky, but I don't mind it at all!
I like the color, the formula of the polish (although it's stricky!) but only downside to it is the brush. It's so thin that is just crazy! I had to go over my nail 4 to 5 times to cover the whole nail, especially my tumb. HORROR! But I'll  manage it :-)
I definetly recommend this polish, just because of the color payoff! And it drys so quickly, I would say a couple of minutes, I didn't even put my Seche vite on!
I did some KONADicure on it and I thought hard which design to do. And I decided to try the "Dice" image, because I didn't try it yet. I like it, but it didn't print as nicely as I would like it to print. So probably today I'll take it off and try something else :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Funky french manicure

A few weeks ago I discovered this funky french tip stickers in small local shop. I bought a couple of them and totally forgot about them. Today I rediscovered them and decided to try them out. My first try didn't worked out as well as I hoped for, because I had nail polish already on. I was not paying atention to the instructions wich are saying to apply stickers to bare naked nails. So, after applying them to polished nails, the glue didn't stick to my nails and they were pealling off right away.
So, I removed all products off my nails, buffered them a little and try for the second time. I didn't put anything to my nails, not even a base coat. I helped with tweezers to pick them up from the sheet and place them carefully on my nails. The application took me some time, about half an hour for both my hands. I had to correct stickers only for my ring fingers, others were in perfect shape for my nails. Than I applied clear top coat. Because this wasn't looking good for me, I decided to go over with some pinkish glitter polish from Diamond cosmetics.
Instanly the manicure got totally diferent feel to it, not so artficial looking, but more natural. I like it better, do you?
So, I like this stickers, they are great for al of those who are not very nail art talented, this are an amazing solution to achieve funky looking french tip manicure. And they only costs 1€!!! How cool is that?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

OPI Lincoln park after dark

About this polish was a lot of hipe going on. So i was really wondering what was so great about it. And yes, after using it, I got it! The hipe I mean :-) I didn't regret getting this one! I swapped some Eclipse polishes for this one and it was totally worth it.
I absolutely adore the color. As you see it's on the darker side of colors, it's almost black, but it's not :-) It's really deep rich purple with hints of dark red also. Love it! It's very vampy looking and I think it would look great with some konad design on it! What do you think?
I also love the formula, it's a little bit thicker than some of the OPI polishes I have, but that works great for me. You have to be carefull with application, because it can get really messy if you don't take some time applying it. I aslo like the brush, it's flat on two sides, so it's perfect to achieve three strokes application. I definetly recommend it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sally Hansen instant nail hardener

This is another product I got trough swapping on MakeupAlley. I heard a lot of good reviews about this base coat. And I decided I'll give it a try. Although my nails are pretty hard, some nail hardner can't hurt right?
Here are my nails without anything on them.
And here I have  SH base coat on. It's very shiny and I love how enhance the white tips of my nails.
The directions on the bottle says to gently shake befor use and than apply 1 coat to clean bare nails and than let to dry. For extra protection you can apply another coat and then apply desired nail polish.
I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I can say that my nails are even harder than before. I use it each time before I do my manicure (almost everyday!) and I noticed if I don't wait to let my first coat to dry completly, my nail polish bubbles. So, you have to wait for each coat to completly dry and than apply nail polish. I definetly recommend using this products, if you have weak nails or even on hard nails to make them even harder.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty

This polish was on my WL for a couple of months and I finally got it! I heard a lot of good reviews about it, because of the high definition color. I don't get the hipe about it, because I don't see anything so special about the color as it has any other turquoise color. Don't get me wrong, I love it, just don't see anything so much more special about whole HD color!
The color trully is amazing, rich turquoise color, very appropriate for the summer. It reminds me on the sea, which you all know I love! I applied two coats of it and it's very opake color. I also love the formula, it's not watery or bubbly. Maybe it's a little bit on the striky side of polishes, but with a little practice, you can acchieve perfect application.
On the sun, polish sparkles with this beautifull light blue sparkles- amazing! Only downside of this polish I would say is the brush. But not the bristles ithemselves, but the handle well the stick of the handle is too long for my taste. The hair brush is ok, but long stick makes application little more harder.
I definetly recommend this one to try out and I hope I'll get some more Sally Hansen polishes!
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