Friday, September 30, 2011

Bundle monster #211 flower design

Today I have another stamping design for you and, again, I used Bundle monster image plate, this time it's no.211's turn! For my base color I chose Joy nail polish in 387 color. This color is really hard to describe. It's a mix between greyish toupe and bluish shade color, very pretty, but it was  a bit too bland for me, so....
I chose this all over flower image for my design and for it, I used China glaze- Metallic muse, I love and adore!
This is the finall look and I hope you like it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bundle monster #210 Diamonds design

Again, I picked up next Bundle monster image plate and it was no. 210's turn. So, first I applied two coats of JOY shade no. 322 nail polish. It is light green color. You can also see it on direct sunlight, as weel as in the shade. I reall adore this cream finish shade of green.
And for the design I used image plate no.210- diamonds all over design and for it I chose green polish from Konad. 
 I placed special topcoat over it and VOILA! This is the final design! Love it :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Essence TE 50's girls reloaded LOVE ME TENDER feat. new crackle polish CRACK ME! BLUE

Today I came up with this nail look. For my base color I used polish from trend edition from Essence 50's girls reloaded- LOVE ME TENDER- goldy champagne color, with frost finish. This one is extra easy to apply, because it's not watery or bubbly and you don't have to be so carefull with the brush, because of it's frosty finish, marks of brush are visible anyways :-)
I applied two coats and finished it with Seche vite topcoat.
 Than I used new crackle polish from Essence, called Crack me! blue (new fall color coming out soon!). We all know this crackle polishes and I still loveeeee them :-)

I applied thin layer and waited for it to dry. I love the final look, because it mainly has vertical cracks and the base color shows just the right amount. 
 I didn't apply any topcoat over it, because I love this look so much. Do you?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catrice Back to black

Hi ladies! I have another beautifull nail polish from Catrice to show you and this one is called BACK TO BLACK. An despite the name is nothing like black :-) It's more grayish granite color, very interesting looking!
I applied two coats to make the color really bold and opaque. And this finish really confuses me. I don't know is it a cream or sparkly finish? Honestly, don't know :-)
Love the formula, it's not runny or bubbly and the brush it flat on two sides, so it's perfect for three strokes application. It's super easy to apply and it dries very quick. I finished it with a top coat, so it's more shiny and longer lasting. What do you think about this one?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Experiment: Catrice Intensive lash growth DAY 9

 So, here is my tune in with my lash growh. Here you can read the beginning of the experiment  and lash growth serum. So, today is day 9th and maybe I can see tiny thany improvement from the beginning, can you?  Well, I still have 21 days to go, so fingers crossed :-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: KKCenterhk 3D Nail accessory and nail foil

 Company KKCenterhk has sent to me this to products for reviewing purpose. First item are these 3D nail art accessory stickers. Item number is LV-o3 and they are only 1,50$. How cool is that? They are stickers, so you just cut them to right sizes and place them on your nails.  
 Next item is this nail art foil. I got them in gold and this costs only 0,80$! They are self- adhesive and you don't need any glue to place them on your nails. You just cut stripes and place them.
Here I used three small stripes and place them on my nail. they look very elegant and super cute! 
Take a look at their website, they have a lot of products for nail art, as long as makeup, wigs etc....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catrice Cought on the red carpet feat. Essence Special effect topper- SOFT TOUCH

If you follow my blog regulary, you know I don't wear reds a lot, I don't know why... I think red just doesn't suits my personality :-) But this one cought my eye. It's Catrice's Cought on the red carpet. It's dark red, almoust vampy color, that I just could't resist :-)
Here are pictures on direct sunlight and it almost loks like berry color and on natural daylight it's true red. But this pictures are not 100% acurate, because I just could't capture true shade of red. In reality it's a bit more darker. 
I applied two coats. It has cream finish, so no sparkles, glitters or anything. It applied smoothly. Love the brush and the formula of this one. 
  And because it was just a  bit too red for me, I decided to try this new special effect topper from Essence- SOFT TOUCH (it will come out soon, with new line of products for fall and winter) over it. Do you remember those polishes from trend edition BLACK&WHITE that Essence lounched a couple of months ago? They had kind of leather looking finish? Well, this topcoat look exactly like that! It's not completly matt finish and not  a shiny one, somewhere in between.
So, this red polish became kind of red leather looking one :-) Love it!!!! I applied one coat and it transfer to this finish in seconds. I didn't applied any other top coat, because this one dries quite fast. What do you this about this red polish on me :-) ?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Catrice In the bronx

 I wanted to show you this polish from Catrice called IN THE BRONX. I think this one is just gorgeous! It is dark gold, almoust bronze color. It has sparkle finish.
I applied two coats and finished it with a topcoat from Seche vite. I like the formula, brush and finish of this one. Here you can sparkles very well, but in real it's even more sparkly :-)
Definitely recommend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

China glaze 2NITE

 This polish has been on my WL since.... FOREVER! Well, since this collection came out :-) And the sweetest girl Caroline purchested it for me (and some other goodies too!)
Isn't this one just amazing? I'm sure you already have it and enjoy it :-) I applied two coats and in between I waited it complety dried. Love the formula, the finish and the brush of this one. Still, holographic finish is my favorite.
  Here are pictures on direct sunlight and on natural daylight. What a diffeence! This polishes becomes alive on sunny day!
Do you like it?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preview: Catrice limited edition "Big city life"

Sydney, Berlin, London, New York – each metropolis stands out for its own personal charm and style. Trends are born on the streets of these fabulous cities! This passion for life has been interpreted four
times– and captured in the most breathtaking make-up palettes of the season: the Limited Edition “Big City Life” by CATRICE gives every city its own look. So when the big city calls, we can experience it
and capture its style from October to November 2011.

Each “Big City Life” make-up palette contains six powder eye shadows, two rouge shades as well as a professional duo-applicator to ensure simple and accurate application of eye make-up. The stylish must-have box is rounded off with a mini eye pencil to give your city look the perfect finish.
The Ultimate Nail Lacquer, which is available separately, offers great coverage, durability and irresistible shine as well as eye-catching color – the pulse of each city. And thanks to the extra-broad brush, smooth application without streaks is even possible during a taxi ride to exciting places!
Big City Life by CATRICE – The Sydney Collection
Life in Sydney mainly takes place on the beach – and the beach parties
are endless! A high-spirited mix of surfers, city beaus, tradition, culture
and modern life. Its essence: the warm colors of the sun setting on the
horizon for a touch of casual urban chic:
The six eye shadows in rosé, nude, taupe and brown shades with
shimmering as well as matt effects meet upon two natural rouge versions
in rosewood. 7,49€*.
Create an added eye-catching effect with the Ultimate Nail
Lacquer “Sydney”: it covers your nails in trendy taupe and makes it
perfectly clear that Sydney is at the top of the global trend barometer!

Big City Life by CATRICE – The Berlin Collection
Berlin is booming! Fascinating, contrasting, raw and extraordinarily cool –
the capital with a unique history creates its own trends, dances by its own
rhythm and is proud of what it is. So are we!
Just as unconventional and fascinating: the six eyeshadow colors
come in warm sand, brown, grey-blue and taupe shades - some with
shimmering, others with matt effects – for a perfect autumn trend look! €*.
The muted pink color of the matching Ultimate Nail Lacquer "Berlin"
conveys a sense of cool understatement. 7,49€*.

Big City Life by CATRICE – The New York Collection
New York, New York! This city never sleeps, so why should we? Urban
life in the Big Apple between skyscrapers, VIPs and neon signs is way
too tempting for that! If there is a place where dreams are sure to come
true, it’s here!
The combination of six eyeshadows in blue, smokey turquoise and
mauve is also a dream and totally captures the essence of New York’s
energy-laden atmosphere! The two lively rouge shades give your New
York look a fresh touch. 7,49€*.
Intense, impulsive and totally hip. With the new pigeon-blue Ultimate Nail
Lacquer “New York”, the horizon of this urban jungle seems close enough
to touch… 2,69€*.

Big City Life by CATRICE – The London Collection
London is calling – and of course we are ready to answer! This city is a
true fashion icon – its tradition, its trends, its looks, its pulse...London is
such an irresistible hotspot that it captivates you instantly!
For your eye-make up, the London Collection goes for blue eyes in stark
contrast to bright yellow and deep-black kajal. Absolutely lovely! Two
rouge shades in rosé ensure a radiant, fresh complexion. 7,49€*.
Yellow Press? Yellow polish! The soft yellow of the Ultimate Nail
Lacquer “London” is an absolute must-have for your nails! 2,69€*.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Experiment: Catrice Intensive lash growth

 Today I'm starting experiment using two products from Catrice- INTENSIVE LASH GROWTH SERUM and INTENSIVE LASH GROWTH MASCARA. Instruction on both says that if they are both used together, in 30 days period lashes will grow 25% longer. So, if you are interested, stay tuned for this little experiment.
Here are my natural lashes. First I applied serum on top and bottom lashes, on their roots, just like an eyeliner.
 And then I applied two coats of mascara, on top and bottom lashes. So, here are my lashes on DAY 1.
Each week I'll post pictures of my natural lashes and than with mascara and we'll see if they get any longer :-)

Preview: Essence trend edition " Re-mix your style"

 This collection has only nail plishes, but tons of them. First lets start with regular nail polish- 6 of them: to make it even easier to achieve the perfect mix, we’ve also got the trendiest colors of the season to go with the top coats: purple, dark blue or petrol – with these polishes, you’ve got endless styling options for unlimited mixing and matching! so don’t hesitate and go for a splash of color! available in 01 stairway to heaven, 02 someone like you, 03 sugar tonight, 04 light my fire, 05 maybe i’m amazed and 06 show me the way.

And here are four different top coats:
  1. ROCK TOP COAT: this top coat rocks the autumn season by bringing the hip “smokey” look to your nails. simply apply on top of a dark nail polish to rock the next party you go to! available in 01 we will rock you. 
  2. LOVE TOP COAT: all true style queens are sure to be on cloud nine with this shimmering top coat. its special formula covers your nails in a gorgeous coat of soft rosé shimmer and can be used on top of any nail polish for a unique look. available in 01 feels so good.
  3. POP TOP COAT: take a trendy color and then add a touch of the re-mix your style pop top coat for extraordinary style! the holographic shimmer will make your nails shine in different dazzling colors depending on how the light falls. you can never have too many colors to brighten up your autumn! available in 01 just can’t get enough.
  4. DANCE TOP COAT: an absolute must if you want to be the queen of the dance floor and under the disco ball – all eyes are sure to be on you with this mega shimmering top coat. from red to green to rosé and pink – a new look from every perspective! totally cool and sexy! available in 01 waking up in vegas.
In stores this october and november!

Monday, September 5, 2011


 I picked up few more products from Catrice. 
First is liquid foundation INFINITE MATT UP TO 18 HOURS MAKE UP- long lasting shine control hydrating oil- free foundation. I picked up no. 020 honey beige, I think this one is closest to my skintone. Bottle has a punmp and it holds 30 ml or 1,01 fl. oz. When I'll try it, I'll write a review about it. Price: 7,79€
 Next are three nail polishes that cought my eye. First is 320 BACK TO BLACK- granite shiny color, gorgeous!
 Next one is 460 IN THE BRONX- golden bronzy color, also very beautifull!
 And this one is 440 I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT- black base color with purple, green, silver and orange fine glitters. Price: 2,69€
 And last item I bought goes with the lash growth serum that promises 25% longer lashes in 30 days. I'll be having an experiment, stay tuned!

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