Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fruit slice design- 2nd entry for the contest

Hey babes! Here I am with another entry for nail art contest on YouTube. I just had to used this fruit slices and I came up with this design. I used just a couple of items and those are:
For the base color I used ORLY- Mummy and I love this color. It's offwhite pearl color, also appropriate for frend manicure.
Than on the french tip I used ESSENCE TE All I want- Under the mistletoe and I did just a french tip, a little bit higher than usuall. Than I used my dotting tool with S-HE STYLEZONE in white to do two sizes of dots- big and small ones and I took them also on the ORLY polish not just on the french tip. Then I took my tweezers and I prepared 5 fruit slices- kiwi, whole apple lemon, carambola and orange slice.
I overlaped them a little to create more 3D effect. I applied them with clear nail polish or a top coat would do just the same. I was quite generous with it. As you see on the pic the fruit slices are not so wide that you can't wear them. They are cut pretty thin. And on the rest of the nail I applied red rhinestones, opposite to those white dots. And I'm done. I hope you like it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Essence Image plates from TE "Be a nail artist"

From the new collection "Be a nail artist" I bought two image plates for stamping nail art. I wish they had more of those image plates, but unfortunatlly they came out with just two of them. So, I didn't had hard time to decide wich ones to buy :-) I just bought both of them!
 Each of the plates have 9 different designs on it and they are really beautifull and unique. I have quite some plates from KONAD and Chez-Delaney, but they don't have any of these designs on them.
The plates don't have any names, so let me just show you the first one.
 First row has a butterfly, one chinese later and a jing-jang with a chinese letter instead of the dots. GREAT!
 The second row has two flowers and again one butterfly- Love them!
The third row has three different rose designs!
 The second plate also have 9 different designs on it and I have to say that bouth of them have a plastic foil over them, so if any of you can't get the design to print on the stamp, maybe you forget to remove the foil :-)
The first row has 2 flower designs and a different Chinese letter,
 The second row has three flower designs,
and the last row also have three different flower designs. This two image plates are great for upcoming spring, I will be able to do some fun, colorfull design with them.
I like them, do you?

Essence Fruit Slices

I finally got them! I think they are the most searched products from Essence right now! Essence came out with new collection for making nail art, called "BE A NAILARTIST!". This collection have some really cute items. Some nail stickers, rhinestones, glitters and this wonderfull fruit slices package. Well, I have to admid that I expected a little bigger container, but I bought three of them, so it's ok :-)
The container looks full, but there's a catch! Over a half of this little box is full of black foam :-( So, only the third of the box are accualy fruit slices...
They are quite small, appropriate for all sizes of nails.. They are for short and long nails, everybody can use them!
I would say it's about 30 pieces of them (I didn't count them!) and 7 different designs. The directions on the box says that you have to use nail glue to apply them but I think some clear nail polish will do the job just fine!
I have tons of design in my head already and I can't wait to use them!
As you see on the picture, the box contains lemon, orange and grapefruit slices, whole and a half apple, kiwi and carambola fruit slices. They are very thin and delicant, probably I'l have to use tweezers to pick them and place them in place.
And now just wait to see what kind of designs I'll came up with!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Abstract Bling Bling- entry for contest

I decided to entry Madamluck's mega contest!!! Her theme was artist's choice, so my favorite thing is abstract patterns. So I did these design, added some bling and I must confess that I love it!!!
I went for abstract, because I love that everybody can see in these kinds of designs something else, something different..
I used ORLY PARDONNE-MOI nail polish as a nude base color. And than I used black nail polish with a thin brush from ESSENCE  and silver glitter polish also with a thin brush from KISS. For the dots I used SHE-STYLEZONE in black and a dotting tool. I added three different size silver rhinestones and on my ring finger I created half of a flower. I finished it with SECHE VITE top coat and I'm done :-)
Fingers crossed girls :-))))

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orly Iron butterfly Zebra- Leopard print KONAD design

Some time ago one of the girls from the ARS forum, ordered me this gorgeous nail polish from ORLY, called Iron Butterfly and it's from Metal Chic Collection. It has a matte finish and it's amazing, because it drys in less than a minute (really! A couple of seconds!). It's black color with some fine silver sheen to it. It's really funky color!
The formula of the polish is really amazing! It glides on perfectly! As I sad, it's dry in a couple of seconds! The brush is a little too little for me, I would spread it just a bit!
Well, today I recieved two newest image plates from KONAD and they are m77 and m78. And for this one I decided to do a mix with zebra and leopard printed design. 
It's an all over nail design and it has two triangles zebra print and one in the midlle cheetah print! Very funky!
For the design I used two colors- white and silver PRINCESS polish from KONAD. I was trying to achieve kind of 3D effect on the nail. I don't know if I did it.. Maybe I can put some CHINA GLAZE Holographic top coat over it or what? What do you suggest?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

KONAD violin design

OMG, I finally made some time to do another KONAD design! For the base color I used S-HE STYLEZONE 327, as you see on the picture. I applied two coats of it. And this is just a nude, simple color, also great for the french tips manicure or doing some crazy designs on it!
Than first I started applying clear polish in triangular shape on the half of my nails. I used loose red glitters and I applied those all over that clear triangle. I made a whole lot of mess with it, but it was worth it :-) I done that on all my nails.
For KONAD design I used image plate m58 and black special polish. I decided to do a violin- little music doesn't harm anybody right :-) ? You know the process, put the polish on the image, scrape it, stamp it and roll over the nails... And I love the final resoult! The bow of the violin come right on the diagonal of the glitters.. I didn't plan it like this, but it's awsome :-)

Than the special top coat from KONAD and voila! I'm done!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

China glaze For Audrey

Yeah, I finally got me this beautifull nail polish we all know, FOR AUDREY!!!! I've been reading about it for quite some time now and when I was ordering polishes I never bought this one... Don't know why... But now I have swaped for it and I can add this one in my collection.
I love China glaze for so many different reasons- they are good quality for reasonable price, great brush, good formula, love all the colors, but this one is something different... Maybe that's why I love it sooo much. I don't have anything similar to it, not even close!
I'm wearing two coats of it, to achieve really bold color. The application goes on smoothly, maybe it shows tiny bit of strokes, but with second coat it evens out. The brush is great, I covered my whole nail with three strokes. The color I don't even know how to describe... I would say it's a mix between blue, green and maybe some white is in it... Very unique color. I thought I would do some nail art on it, but I changed my mind, because I don't know what color I would use to do it. White, black, blue? So, I just left it plain...
Because I swapped for this polish, I don't know how old it is... or was it mixed with some nail polish thinner, but the formula of this particular bottle of polish is very runny... It's not thick at all. Maybe even too much. But I love it anyways, it's still good for the manicure. Is your FOR AUDREY also runny? Tell me, I would really like to know!
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