Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 award!

First of all, thank you Psycho Nails for taggin me!

Rules: Link back to the person/people who tagged you, nominate other 10 bloggers and list your favourite products.

10 favourite products:

  1. Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation
  2. Bunch of eyeshadows from Essence
  3. Maybelline mascaras
  4. Essence 100% waterproff eyeliner
  5. China glaze Millenium nail polish
  6. Essence BLACK OUT nail polish
  7. Calendula handbalsam (Dr. Scheller)
  8. Garnier day cream
  9. Garnier mineral deodorant
  10. Brushes from Ecotools
I tag 10 blogs:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My makeup collection

Hi again. Thank you for coming back :-)
I had to reorganise my makeup collection, because somethings I had in one box, somethings in another... And I don't like that. I saw this office drawers in Lidl and I bought it (it costed me 14€). I already have two for my nail polishes and other nail care items and I'm very satisfied with it. So, I decided to get another for my make up. 
 It has five drawers that are made from plastic. They are very simple with a little hole to open them.
 In my bottom drawer I have my liquid foundations and pencil sharpeners, eyelashes and some samples.
 In my next drawer I have all my eyeshadows. You can see I have a lot of them and you can find here Essence, Volare, Ingrid cosmetic, NYX, Manhatann etc...
 Here I have  blushes, bronzers, powder foundations and concealers. Oh, and some new mascaras.
 Here are all my pigments from MAC, Smash box, my gel eyeliners from Alvedre and Essence. Eye shadow bases and lipsticks...
 And in the top drawer I have my pencils and lipglosses. And here is also eyelash curler, twezeers and brow gel.

So, now I keep all my makeup in this cute little box that I have in my bathroom. Would you like to see?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bundle monster #203 Pineapple design

 Today I did very summer inspired design, as far as color goes. As my base color I used Essence LE Cute as hell. I applied two coats.
 It is very beautifull color, very apropriate for spring and sumer, because it's very vibrant orange color with a cream finish.
 Than image plate no. 203 was next in line and this design reminded me on kind of a pineapple slices. I used red Konad special polish, just because the yellow one did not show well on orange background color.
 I used the bigger sided stamper and as I said, red color for the design. It came out pretty, isn't it?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bundle monster #202 Zipper design

 Today I was felling a bit funky, so something crazy on my nails :-) First of all, let me present to you this gorgeous color from Catrice- EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY! (Even the name of this one is funky :-) ). I bought this one in Muller in Koper, because Catrice is not available here where I live.
 I love this color, it's so fresh and unique. It's a mix between yellow and a hint of lime green, so you get kinda lemony color. I love the formula, it's not runny or bubbly and it has a cream finish.
 I applied two coats and some top coat over it. The brush is also amazing, it's flat on two sides, so you can achieve three strokes application.
 For the design I used no. 202 new Bundle monster image plate- zipper design. I told you it a funky manicure :-) I used Konad special polish in dark green and applied special top coat over it.
I like this manicure with this design, and you?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ombia nail polish remover pads

 I would like to present to you this new pads I discovered recently in Hofer. Sometimes I get some good make up and nail polishes there and this time I found this nail polish remover pads. they have vitamin E in them and they are oily, so useing this won't damage your cuticles.
 The box contains 60 pads and I think I used 5 of them to remove my polish off of ten fingers. Good deal :-) And they smell delicious too! When my nail dried, I didn't have any residue left and my cuticle was not all dry as when I use regular nail polish remover with a cotton ball.
So, check out this pads, I definitely recommend them!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Presenting NEW Bundle Monster #201

 First I started with Cult nails- MY KIND OF COLL AID. I love this color! It is grayish purple color with a hint of silver shine in it.
 Unfortunately I couldn't capture it in pictures, but in bottle is very visible. Like it a lot :-) And as you see I shortened my nails very very much and I'm morning :-( But oh well, they will grow soon...
 Because the new bundle monster kit includes 25 diferent image plates and I couldn't decide which one to use first, I came up with an idea to start with the fisrt one, and than work my way trought the last one. So, here is number 1 plate and I used all over nail design, this swirly type...
 For the design I used Sally Hansen's PURE CHROME. Some nails are not perfect, but for the first time they will do.
I discovered that the plastic scraper does not work well with this design, so I used metal scraper and the big side of the stamper. And this is the final look. I hope you like it and thank you for reading. Any one more good news- I'll be having a small giveaway soon, with some new products from ESSENCE "Nails in style" limited edition. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preview: Essence trend edition „nails in style“

On the trail of the summer ... four exciting shimmering feet spread nail polish in july summer-feeling on hands and. whether petrol colored like the lanterns on the garden party, turquoise blue and holographic as the deep sea of beer-colored, like the fruits of summer or silver as the horizon early in the morning - these coatings can be exciting accents.


handy, stylish and perfect for optimum nail care! the 3in1 nail file provides for each step the right grain size: polish, smooth and polished - especially thanks to their ergonomic shape shine the nails in no time at top form again.

Few steps to the trendsetter of the season: with the set transfer foil to the nails to the absolute eye-catcher. Simply transfer film adhesive according to the desired design (eg nail, dots, dashes) to apply nails and about three to five minutes allow to dry. The film nails to hang up, press down gently and rub gently. Finally, carefully remove the backing paper and you have that trendy look! Available in three designs with a holographic effect.

trendy, cool and super sexy: the popular fashion nail stickers, there is now also for the toenails! simply the favorite films in the design and the right size stick nails to, file off the rests, ready. fix for a particularly long-lasting results, the films with clear lacquer. with so breathtaking and seductive stylish feet can be the summer without problems. c01 style mirror available in me, c02 style up for leo, c03 and c04 style me pretty style luxury it.

In stores from JULY 2011!!! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Preview: Essence trend edition “ballerina backstage”

For an even more intense expression in the spotlight: the new creamy eye soufflés in three highly pigmented colors will make your eyes shine like the stars and guarantee an unforgettable impression. the particularly soft texture makes sure that your eye make-up will still look perfect in the final act! available in 01 dance the swan lake, 02 pas de copper and 03 grand-plié in black.

 The handsome pas-de-deux-partner won’t be able to keep his eyes off his pretty ballerina’s lips: the soft and creamy lipglosses in warm berry shades perfectly complete every stage outfit and give your lips a seductive shine. the premium bristle applicator enables an especially smooth application. available in 01 wear your little tutu, 02 on your gracile tiptoe and 03 do a floating pirouette.

Ready for the grand solo appearance: the rosé rouge with its innovative soufflé texture feels wonderfully soft on your cheeks and conjures-up a rosy finish. standing ovations are guaranteed! available in 01 prima ballerina.
No matter whether you are dancing the swan lake, nutcracker or carmen – with these long-lasting nail polishes, each and every arabesque is sure to be the crowning glory of every show. from delicate to bright, there’s a color to suit all acts. available in 01 dance the swan lake, 02 wear your little tutu, 03 on your gracile tiptoe, 04 do a floating pirouette and 05 grand-plié in black.

Dancing on points – but with your fingers instead of your toes! the adhesive click & go nails with an elegant lace design are the ultimate eye-catchers and totally easy to use. simply select the nails in the desired size, place on top of your natural nail, press down and you’re done! available in 01 it feels like dancing.
Whether you are doing the pirouette, grand-plié or sauté – the black satin hairband decorated with rosé lace is sure to keep your hair in place and romantically underline your ballerina look. a must-have for all dancing queens.
In stores from JULY 2011!!!

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