Saturday, February 19, 2011

REview: essence- STUDIO NAILS- Better than gel nails

 Let me present to you this professional kit from Essence for home made salon looking manicure! Studio nails- better than gel nails! This kit includes six products, that are easy to use and even more important, easy to remove nails. With no UV light and no damage to your own natural nails. Here are instructions:

Five easy steps and less than 15 minutes to achieve a perfect studio nail look:
Step 1
It’s important to clean your nails with the essence studio nails – better than gel nails nail file before application. This will remove excess oil and dirt to ensure particularly long-lasting results. The file is available for  2,29 €*

Step 2
Next, select a suitable tip-size and stick it onto the tip
of your natural nails using the especially fast-drying
glue included in the set.
Nail tips  2.29 €*.
Nail tip glue  2,29 €*

Step 3
When the artificial tip has dried a bit, remove the little tip-handle
by moving it up and down gently. Then file the nails into the
desired shape (with included file- step 2)

Step 4
Now it’s time to use the base coat: simply apply the transparent base coat on the prepped nails. This ensures that the artificial tips and the subsequent styling have an optimal, long-lasting effect. The base coat is available for  2.89 €*.

Step 5
And the final step is – your finish! There is a special, glossy top coat
to give your gel-nail look the perfect finishing touches and to seal
it so that it lasts longer. For an especially gorgeous look, apply two
coats. So head for your polish and you’re done!
Top coat  2.89 €*.
Nail tip remover 2.89 €*.

So, now we are ready to use it! First, I filed my nails with step 1 file, that is included in the kit. This step removed all resedue from my last manicure and all oils.
Than I got my tips ready...  I measured all tips against my natural tips and the numbers that works with me are (from thumb to pinky): 1, 5, 3, 7 and 9. Than I used glue on artificial tips to placed them on my nails...When using glue you have to be carefull to use tiny tany amount, because when you place tip down, the glue distributes it self on whole tip.

When I placed my tips, I pushed down with a toothpick to completly cover my nail tips. Than I went over with one coat of base sealer, waited to dry (couple of minutes) and applied two coats of top sealer. And VOILA, this is the resoult!

 My expectations about this kit were very high and I can truthfully say that I'm completly satisfied! I give this product BIG THUMBS UP and definitely 10 out of 10!!! Now I'll just have to wait and see if this manicure will last me 10 days and I'll keep you posted!

My first scotch tape manicure feat. China glaze Party Hearty

 With this manicure I'm trying out new way of manicures- scotch taped one. I got inspired by fellow blogger- Chloe, who does amazing manicures! Well, I decided to try this tehniqoue and I'm very satisfied with it. This is very easy way to acchieve perfect straight lines on your nails...
 My first try is diagonal line with China glaze Party Hearty glitters. As you see on the pic it is clear polish with silver and green rounded glitters and some red hexagon glitters. Very appropriate for Christmas times, but I used it anyway :-) I't new polish in my collection, lol!
I like it a lot and I can't wait to try some french tips... I just have to wait that my nails grow little longer...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Comparison between SINFULCOLORS- Innocent and OPI- Who the Shrek are you?

 I have another interesting comparison for you and as you see from the title above, it's between OPI and SINFUL COLORS. OPI as the more expensive version of polish and SINFUL COLORS as much more afordable polish.
 First you can see Innocent from Sinful- this is my first time wearing it and I already like it a lot. Here you can see one coat and it's full on coveredge. The brush is good, easy to use and the formula is a bit on thicker side, but I like that, because of the full coveredge. The brush doesn't leave any marks behing, the polish is not bubbly or anything. ALL GOOD!!!!
 Here is OPI's Shrek, which I have used before. And this two are great to compare one to another. Well, here I applied two coats and I should go even with the third one. The brushes from OPI I don't like as much as for example China glaze's, because it's just to big for me to handle. I made a big mess around my nails. The formula is runny and watery and it went all around my nails as soon as I applied it. So, another mess :-(
 Here is the picture side by side on direct light (no, today is no sun) and the bottom picture is just on day light. As you see, both have cream finish and on first glance there is not a big difference between them. But I think Innocent has more yellow undertone than Shrek has more green on green color.

 I like Innocent much more and as far as application goes, Innocent wins for me big time! Easier to use, drys out more quick and only with one coat you get much more color payoff. So, I think Shrek will go up for swap :-)
And which one is you favorite?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty Line deluxe- no. 2

 I did some shopping yesterday and in KIK store I found this polish. It's from Beauty line Deluxe and it just has #2 on it. I already have some products from this brand and I like them all, especially one silver pigment for make up. It's super pigmented and very vibrant silver color. so, I decided to try some polishes, but unfortunatley they had only this one- in gold.
 It's has full coveredge, I applied only two coats. It's extra shiny, so I went over with Essie Matte over you, to toned it down just a bit. And I like the resould very much.
 The brush is great, so is the formula. I like the bottle and the price- only few € ( I believe it's 3€, but don't hold me on my word)!!!! How amazing is that ?!? Big thumbs up!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Funky fingers and New York Fashion

 Hey! Long time no read, huh? Well, as you see I cut off my nails, so that's why I don't do a lot of posts, because I don't like my short nails... But I swapped for some polishes latley and I can't wait to show them to you!
 Firts one is from FUNKY FINGERS, called Southampton seafoam. Beautifull baby blue color, with cream finish. Very similiar to CG For Audrey. Very easy to apply and on the pic you see two coats. I love the bottle and the brush, very easy to use. It also gives good coverage.
Than I applied french tips stickers on the roots of my nails, to create moon shape, but those didn't work so well, they were coming off big time, so this one is not so good... I hope the next try will be better. So, I went over with New York Fashion polish called Hot baby blue. In real life difference between them is very visible, so the picture does not give them justice. Well, I leave this one for couple of days, so stay tuned for more new colors :-)))
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