Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comparison: ESSIE Matte about you& ESSENCE Matt topcoat

Hi girls! Today I have an interesting comparison for you and we're going to talk about two different matt topcoats.
First one we all know and it's ESSIE MATTE ABOUT YOU. This topcoat can turn every nail polish in totaly different new one with a matt finish. How exciting is that?? With this product you can turn one polish in to two!
 We'll start with a base polish, I'm using Essence (Twilight collection) UNDEAD? and this picture is taken on direct sunlight, so we can better see the resoults. Ok, it's shiny black color with purple glitters in it.
Here is the same polish, same position on direct sunlight, but here I applied one coat of Essie MAY. And we get totally different color with matt finish. I rate this one 10 out of 10, because is easy to apply, love the brush of the polish and it's dry in matter of seconds!
And here is the same base polish, the same position on direct sunlight, but on this one I applied two coats of Essence Matt topcoat. Why two? First application left my nail with some blank stripes between, so I had to go over once again. You can see it's a little bit stricky and it's not so matt as Essie MAY. So, I rate this one 8 out of 10, just because of those two reasons. But, here is a big plus: this one costs only 1,89€!!! Essie MAY costs about 9€. So, how cool is that? So, if you are looking for much cheeper alternative to Essie Matte about you, you can go with Essence Matt topcoat! It's almoust the same resoult and with this one you can also turn one nail polish into two! :-)


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