Friday, January 29, 2010

Sponge design

Hey all! Here is another nail design that I did yesterday. First I have put on almost my favorite base coat- KISS diamond hard. i love this product- it makes ma nails even stronger that they are and it also provents from spliting the nails. So than, I applied two coats of this beautifull color- it's from ESSENCE and it's called DRESS TO PARTY (42). It a lovley color, suitable for the fall and winter.
Than I took my little eyeshadow applicator (with a sponge) and put some OPI RUSSIAN NAVY on my little plastic paper and used it with my sponge. First I started on my tip of the nails and than slovley taking it back, towards my bottom of the nail. As you see on the picture I didn't took all the way to the bottom, but just like two thirds od my nails. So, that ESSENCE can still show through.
Than of course I apllied my SECHE VITE and voila, the design is done! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bamboo design

For this design I first applied one coat of S-HE STYLEZONE 939, it a dark red- black color with some green and gold shimmer. I waited to dry and than I went over it with ESSENCE TE Glam rock- Metal babe, it's a holografic color as you see on the picture.
On my ring finger I did a diagonal french tip with ESSENCE pearl white and I used sponge tehnique.

For the design I used black special polish for doing KONADicures. I applied design from KONAD image plate m66 - for the ring fingers and for the rest of the nails I used CHEZ- DELANEY image plate H23.

Than I went over my designs with KONAD special top coat and we're done!

Check out the video on my youtube account! Hope you like it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rasta design

 As always I first applied my base coat and it's from NAILTEK Foundation II. It's a ridgefiller and it makes my nails a lot stronger. Than I painted my nails with two coats of S-HE STYLEZONE in white color, to create a base color for my design.
For this design I used a sponge tehnique to create airbrush effect on my nails. First, put some green nail polish (I used ESSENCE ALL ACCESS- green) on a piece of paper and take your sponge, dip into the polish and start applying it on the bottom of the nail. Take it in about 1/3 of the nail on all nails.

Repeat the proces with yellow and red, I used S-HE STYLEZONE (yellow) and ESSENCE ALL I WANT (red) to create kind of rasta flag design. Like this!

At the end I applied my SECHE VITE top coat and I'm all done!
This is really colorfull design, apropriate for summer, spring or even everyday, for us who dare more :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tiger french tip design

First, I applied diamon hard base coat from KISS. This is an amazing base coat which takes care of my nails. It makes them stronger and protects them from chipping.
than, for my base color I choose nail polish from ESSIE called CHINCHILLY. It's an autumn color, but I think it's also suitable for winnter. So, I applied two coats of ESSIE and waited for a couple of seconds. Than I applied my SECHE VITE dry fast top coat. My nail were dry in 3 minutes.

To make this color more interesting, I took my black polish with a thin brush and just on tips of the nails I painted tiger stripes. I started on the top of the tip on the edge and with a light hand painted towards the inner side of my nails. And I just painted the tips, so I created the french tip design with tiger stripes.

Hope you like it!

Till next time, take care!
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