Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Orly Space cadet

 I finally got this one! I've heared so much great reviews about this one and I can totaly see why. OMG, what a unique nail polish!
 This one has a duochrome finish, but with more colors than two :-) Can we say multichrome finish :-)? Well, in different angles you can see gold, green and purple color with shimmers in it.
 I tried to capture all the colors and I think the rainbow on my nails is really visible. Application is super easy and smooth. I love the brush, easy to use and you have great control of the application.
 I applied two coats of it, but I think I could went even with third one. Well, that's it, I'm super pumped about this one :-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

P2 Crackling topcoat - SILVER BLAST

 Today I have very funky looking manicure for you. As you see it has a crackling effect, which is very popular at the moment and I can see why. I got two P2 crackling polishes and I decided to try silver one first.
 As my base color I choose WHITE HYPE from Black&White limited collection from Essence, which I was presenting in my prevous post. I have to tell you this is one of the best white polishes I have ever tried and believe me, I tried a lot of white polishes, because I was looking for one that is really white, without applying 3 or 4 coats. Here I applied only two coats of white and you can see it is full on white! Next thing is that this on thicker side of polishes, maybe it would be even good for Konading...
Newt I used my new crackling nail polish from P2, in silver. It super easy to apply, application doesn't even have to perfect, because when it's dry you won't see any mistakes. It super fast drying, this manucire was dry in about 3 to 4 minutes. I didn't used any topcoat, because I think this way it just looks better.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

KIK jewelry

Yesterday I did a little shopping in KIK store and becase I was kinda in a hurry, I just flew buy all the clothes (I saw some great stuff!!!) and stopped by the jewelry shelves and this two items just jumped into my cart :-))))

First is silver long chain with this interesting pendant, that is kinda twisted and swirly :-)  And it only costed 5€.

Second one is more my style, because it's a bit african :-))) It's on black braded necklace with this amazing pendant, that looks like elephant tusk. Awsome, right :-) ? And this one was even cheaper, 2€!

Me happy :-)))

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essence BLACK&WHITE limited edition

 Today I'm presenting you new limited collection from Essence, called BLACK & WHITE. As name says itself, this collection contains only two colored products, black and white. This collection has a lot of products, but only this ones catched my eye! Whole collection has: 2 mono eyeshadows, 2 nail polishes, 2 jumbo eye pencils, 1 duo eye pencil, 2 different lashes, 2 different nail stickers and nail file and top coat.
 I bought both nail polishes, one in black and second in white, obviously :-) and also top coat. #01 is called BLACK OUT and it's simple plain black color polish with cream finish and #2 is called WHITE HYPE, also cream finish. Top coat is called  MAKE ME HOLO and it's very interestig looking top coat. It looks like pearl color, but we'll see how it works as top coat.

 Next are two mono eyeshadows, first is BLACK OUT and second WHITE HYPE. They both have silky finish (as it says on the container) and I hope they are well pigmented, I have to try them out.

Last item is due eye pencil, with both, black an white eye pencils. I will use this one on my upper and lower waterline and I hope it's long lasting!
Did you get something from this collection? I will also try some nail stickers, one design also cought my eye, but stay tuned for this one :-)
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