Tuesday, March 9, 2010

China glaze For Audrey

Yeah, I finally got me this beautifull nail polish we all know, FOR AUDREY!!!! I've been reading about it for quite some time now and when I was ordering polishes I never bought this one... Don't know why... But now I have swaped for it and I can add this one in my collection.
I love China glaze for so many different reasons- they are good quality for reasonable price, great brush, good formula, love all the colors, but this one is something different... Maybe that's why I love it sooo much. I don't have anything similar to it, not even close!
I'm wearing two coats of it, to achieve really bold color. The application goes on smoothly, maybe it shows tiny bit of strokes, but with second coat it evens out. The brush is great, I covered my whole nail with three strokes. The color I don't even know how to describe... I would say it's a mix between blue, green and maybe some white is in it... Very unique color. I thought I would do some nail art on it, but I changed my mind, because I don't know what color I would use to do it. White, black, blue? So, I just left it plain...
Because I swapped for this polish, I don't know how old it is... or was it mixed with some nail polish thinner, but the formula of this particular bottle of polish is very runny... It's not thick at all. Maybe even too much. But I love it anyways, it's still good for the manicure. Is your FOR AUDREY also runny? Tell me, I would really like to know!


  1. Res je lep! Pa paše ti. :)

  2. Huh, tale lak pa je obnorel svet ljubiteljic lakov :D
    Jaz ga pa še vedno nimam... :P

  3. Krasen je! Pa kakšne lepe nohtke imaš!

  4. jaz ga imam in sem noro zaljubljena vanj.. zelo lepo ti paše =)


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