Thursday, March 11, 2010

KONAD violin design

OMG, I finally made some time to do another KONAD design! For the base color I used S-HE STYLEZONE 327, as you see on the picture. I applied two coats of it. And this is just a nude, simple color, also great for the french tips manicure or doing some crazy designs on it!
Than first I started applying clear polish in triangular shape on the half of my nails. I used loose red glitters and I applied those all over that clear triangle. I made a whole lot of mess with it, but it was worth it :-) I done that on all my nails.
For KONAD design I used image plate m58 and black special polish. I decided to do a violin- little music doesn't harm anybody right :-) ? You know the process, put the polish on the image, scrape it, stamp it and roll over the nails... And I love the final resoult! The bow of the violin come right on the diagonal of the glitters.. I didn't plan it like this, but it's awsome :-)

Than the special top coat from KONAD and voila! I'm done!


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