Monday, March 22, 2010

Essence Image plates from TE "Be a nail artist"

From the new collection "Be a nail artist" I bought two image plates for stamping nail art. I wish they had more of those image plates, but unfortunatlly they came out with just two of them. So, I didn't had hard time to decide wich ones to buy :-) I just bought both of them!
 Each of the plates have 9 different designs on it and they are really beautifull and unique. I have quite some plates from KONAD and Chez-Delaney, but they don't have any of these designs on them.
The plates don't have any names, so let me just show you the first one.
 First row has a butterfly, one chinese later and a jing-jang with a chinese letter instead of the dots. GREAT!
 The second row has two flowers and again one butterfly- Love them!
The third row has three different rose designs!
 The second plate also have 9 different designs on it and I have to say that bouth of them have a plastic foil over them, so if any of you can't get the design to print on the stamp, maybe you forget to remove the foil :-)
The first row has 2 flower designs and a different Chinese letter,
 The second row has three flower designs,
and the last row also have three different flower designs. This two image plates are great for upcoming spring, I will be able to do some fun, colorfull design with them.
I like them, do you?


  1. I wonder if my Ulta has these yet? I was just in there the other day,and didn't see them.


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