Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fruit slice design- 2nd entry for the contest

Hey babes! Here I am with another entry for nail art contest on YouTube. I just had to used this fruit slices and I came up with this design. I used just a couple of items and those are:
For the base color I used ORLY- Mummy and I love this color. It's offwhite pearl color, also appropriate for frend manicure.
Than on the french tip I used ESSENCE TE All I want- Under the mistletoe and I did just a french tip, a little bit higher than usuall. Than I used my dotting tool with S-HE STYLEZONE in white to do two sizes of dots- big and small ones and I took them also on the ORLY polish not just on the french tip. Then I took my tweezers and I prepared 5 fruit slices- kiwi, whole apple lemon, carambola and orange slice.
I overlaped them a little to create more 3D effect. I applied them with clear nail polish or a top coat would do just the same. I was quite generous with it. As you see on the pic the fruit slices are not so wide that you can't wear them. They are cut pretty thin. And on the rest of the nail I applied red rhinestones, opposite to those white dots. And I'm done. I hope you like it!


  1. Takole izgleda zelo zanimivo. Za na nohte bi bilo pa verjetno kar malo preveč. Morda, da bi bil eden tak, drugi pa malce manj okrašeni. :)

    Drugače, pa super ideja. :)

  2. The fruit is delicious looking! :-)

  3. Makes me wanna go on a picnic.
    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!



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