Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orly Iron butterfly Zebra- Leopard print KONAD design

Some time ago one of the girls from the ARS forum, ordered me this gorgeous nail polish from ORLY, called Iron Butterfly and it's from Metal Chic Collection. It has a matte finish and it's amazing, because it drys in less than a minute (really! A couple of seconds!). It's black color with some fine silver sheen to it. It's really funky color!
The formula of the polish is really amazing! It glides on perfectly! As I sad, it's dry in a couple of seconds! The brush is a little too little for me, I would spread it just a bit!
Well, today I recieved two newest image plates from KONAD and they are m77 and m78. And for this one I decided to do a mix with zebra and leopard printed design. 
It's an all over nail design and it has two triangles zebra print and one in the midlle cheetah print! Very funky!
For the design I used two colors- white and silver PRINCESS polish from KONAD. I was trying to achieve kind of 3D effect on the nail. I don't know if I did it.. Maybe I can put some CHINA GLAZE Holographic top coat over it or what? What do you suggest?


  1. Do you have the Orly prismatic top coat? It is perfect for things like this!

    Looks great!


  2. Thanks girls! No I don't :-( I will check it out, thanks!


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