Monday, March 22, 2010

Essence Fruit Slices

I finally got them! I think they are the most searched products from Essence right now! Essence came out with new collection for making nail art, called "BE A NAILARTIST!". This collection have some really cute items. Some nail stickers, rhinestones, glitters and this wonderfull fruit slices package. Well, I have to admid that I expected a little bigger container, but I bought three of them, so it's ok :-)
The container looks full, but there's a catch! Over a half of this little box is full of black foam :-( So, only the third of the box are accualy fruit slices...
They are quite small, appropriate for all sizes of nails.. They are for short and long nails, everybody can use them!
I would say it's about 30 pieces of them (I didn't count them!) and 7 different designs. The directions on the box says that you have to use nail glue to apply them but I think some clear nail polish will do the job just fine!
I have tons of design in my head already and I can't wait to use them!
As you see on the picture, the box contains lemon, orange and grapefruit slices, whole and a half apple, kiwi and carambola fruit slices. They are very thin and delicant, probably I'l have to use tweezers to pick them and place them in place.
And now just wait to see what kind of designs I'll came up with!


  1. Uh, komaj čakam na kakšno sadno solato... *lol*

  2. wow!!!
    I did not know of this new collection Essence!
    Fabulous! * _ *
    Here in Italy I do not think they are... I'm going to try anyway!

  3. I wanted these but were too late... I heard that they were too thick for puting them on your nails but i'll wait for your opinion :)


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