Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Deco no.348

This is my only ArtDeco nail polish and I absolutly love it. Great, suddle color. I would say it's a pearl white color with some gold undertones. This one would be great for french manicure (with white tips under). It doesn't have any shimmer or glitters in it, but it's very shinny!
Only bad thing about it is application. It's a little bit tricky, but an experienced hand would do it just great! It's a little striky, so two or even three coats are necessary. I wear two coats, but next time, I will apply at least three. 
I abosluty love the brush. It's wide, so with three strokes you cover entire nail surface. The brush has short bristles, so you have a lot of control with the application. 
I also love the color very much, it's appropriate for work or school. It would also work great with KONAD or rhinestones.
This is definetly not my last Art Deco nail polish!

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  1. wow very very nice Nails... I wish mine were like that. nice blog



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