Monday, November 8, 2010

Essence Metallics Metal Battle

I tried out another polish from Metallics limited edition and this is my second favorite one - METAL BATTLE. This one is not a magnetic polish, but it's gorgeous also! It is dark, misterious and very appropriate for doing some design over it.
 The formula of this one is not tacky at all, application goes on smoothly and easy. I applied two coats of it to acchieve very opake color. Up close is very interesting color- black base with hints of gray in it and it also has some very fine silver sparkles in it. Very beautifull color! 
 The brush is also great, perfect for three strokes application, very easy to handle too. Tomorrow I will try this one is matt version, because I think those sparkles would be much more visible in matt version. What do you think?


  1. I'd definitely love to see it with a matte top coat!

  2. Lep je, komaj čakam da se dokopljem do te kolekcije=)

  3. oh i have this one too :) and actually i have it on right now with the matte top coat from catrice...and it looks amazing! you should definetly try it out!

  4. such a gorgeous colour! perfect for the upcoming holidays :D

  5. yay i finally got the 5 polishes aswell! :D


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