Wednesday, November 3, 2010

China glaze Cloud nine

 Today I give you this one- CLOUD NINE from China glaze! This one reminds me of winter, snowflakes, incoming holidays... and I decided to introduced it to you.
 I applied two coats of it and I think the third one would be indeed also. It is sheer white polish with gold glitters in it and I think this one will be pain in the a** to remove :-) but it's worth it! As you know, China glaze is my favorite brand of nai polishes, because of the formula and the brush. The formula of this one is a bit tacky so it's a bit harder to achieve perfect application, but because of the end resould is worth trying.
 The brush is just amazing, it has just the right stiffnes and width for good application. On the lower picture you can see glitters in it and they are not sitting on the top of the polish, but it's mixed in it, some are under and some are over the polish. I'm thinking about doing some design over it, do you have any suggestions?


  1. I loved it! China Glaze is my favourite too!
    I think you should something very winter-like! Maybe a blue snowflake...

    Just found your blog and it's really cool!
    Stop by at mine:

  2. wow! so beautiful. love the frosty look :D


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