Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's eve manicure feat. OPI BLACK SHATTER

 Hi! Long time no read, a? Well, here I am, I'm back :-) Today I would like to present to you this amazing nail polish from OPI called Black shatter. As you see it has crackled effect! Awsome, right?
 Last week I was in Ljubljana and I went to Muller and ofcourse I saw new polishes from OPI that I just couldn't passed by... And this one was the only one left so I bought it. This one was a bit expensive for my taste - 13€, but I'm not disappointed at all! It was worth buying it!
 Well, as my base color I used China glaze- Millennium- plane silver color. It should be completly dry, before I used OPI, but as you see on the pictures, I was too fast with OPI application, so the crackles are also on my base color. So, I can't stress enough, you MUST wait to your base color is COMPLETLY dry, before you use any crackled nail polish.
 Well, because I was too fast, this manicure is not so perfect as it should be, but oh well.... Here it is anyways! So, when your base color is dry, than you just apply OPI over it and wait for it to dry. And as it drys, the crakles appears! Simple as that! Than I just applied clear topcoat and this manicure was done!
But next time I'll wait that my base color will be completly dry and it will be much better. You'll see it in my next post :)


  1. amazing!!!!! *_*
    Happy new year you too!!!! ^_^

  2. That's so cool, I saw this in a magazine and wanted to buy it! Cute blog, subscribed.


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