Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween witch design

I started with basic color- orange and I used Essence Fruit punch from Limited edition Return to paradise. I applied two coats and I love the color, because is bright orange color with yellowish sparkles in it.
For the design I used Bundle monster image plate no.13 and I used three different images. On all my nails except thumbs, I stamped witches design and I used black stamping polish from Essence. I had problems with stamping and I had to go over the design twice to acchieve bold design.I mean, that I applied polish, scraped it, applied another coat of polish, scraped it again and than stampi it and placed it on my nails.
On my thumbs I used spider web and spider design.Spider web stamped easily, but with spiders I also had problems.
I like it a lot, do you :-) ?


  1. Wow!!!!I like tooo!!!!amazing!!!! *_*

  2. These are very cute! Love to see these halloween designs, though I decided to go for a different look myself.


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