Monday, November 29, 2010

Essence fashion nail stickers- cheetah print

  Today I decided to try this stickers. I've read so much about them, some good and also some bad reviews. And I was really wondering how would they work out for me.
 First I tried out silver foil and they didn't worked ok. I don't know if they are to thick, but they just didn't bend over my nails and they wrinkled whole lot. So, I went for this one instead and they worked perfect!
How wicked looking are these??? They look AWSOME! The application took me about 20 minutes for all ten nails, with filing included. It's not so hard when you get used to it. First you have to placed them near your cuticles and than firmly rub them trough whole nail surface. And than just take the file and file off end of the stickers around your nail tip and viola, this is the end resoult.
Awsome looking right???


  1. so pretty! I really like this!

  2. These look great! And they're much neater than if I tried to do animal print freehand. :)

  3. wow! They do look perfect! No wrinkles or anything, I should try them!

  4. These look PERFECT! These are some of the coolest nails I have seen in a while!


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