Saturday, November 6, 2010

Essence METALLICS jewelry

 Yesterday I bought myself some treats from Metallics jewelry. I found full display, but I only took few of them, because some of the jewelry was too big for me, too fancy or with cross, which I don't like... On Essence website I didn't saw anything interesting, but on actual display was a lot more types of jewelry.
 I took this bracelet, which is just amazing to me. It has a lot of studs, it has an elastic band and it was around 4€, I don't remember the exact price. On hand it looks like this... Great, right? I like it a lot! This is my favortie piece I bought.
 Than I also bought this pair of earrings. They are dangling type, but not too long for me. I like them, because they are very fragile loking and also something different that I already have. I'm not big earring person, but sometimes I like to wear them, for some special events or so.

 And last item I bought are this bracelets also. They come in pairs and I took two of them, so I have four of the same type. I will wear them all together and I think they also ook nice.

 They were also around 4 to 5€ each. Displays also had some other bracelets, but none of them catched my eyes. They also had some other necklaces, but I didn't like any of them.
What do you think about this items?


  1. wow I had no idea essence sells jewelry too !!

  2. I love the earrings! I like this dark metallic colour! Great choices

  3. thanks for sharing! tomorrow i'll go shopping for this collection :)


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