Thursday, November 4, 2010

Essence METALLICS Copper rulez!

YEEEEY! Today I finally recieved Metallics Limited colection nail polishes and first I would like to present  you #2 COPPER RULEZ! I found out that this one works best with magnet.
I have all 5 of them, but unfortunatley only two works with a magnet, the other three I couldn't do the lines or anything :-( Well, let me start with this one. It's a bronze- brown color with gold mettalic parts in it. I applied two coats of it. The formula is a bit thacky and the application is a bit complicated. I wanted to do diagonal stripes with Essence magnet, but that didn't worked out. The magnet is not strong enough to do the lines.
So I took another magnet and when I placed polish on my nail, I took the magnet and placed it on top of my cuticle area and than the polish transformed arond it and make this half moon shaped thingies on my nails :-) I'm a bit dissapointed of the Essence magnet and now I have to go buy some other stronger magnet to bring out the best of these polishes. I hope also another three will work better with stronger magnet. I finished it with express dry drops and this is the final resoult. I think it's still good looking manicure :-) What kind of magnet do you suggest?


  1. Oooh, very pretty. The metallics haven't come out in Ireland yet, so I'm still waiting but look lubbly.
    Buy one of those horse shoe ones, they look cool. xD

  2. Try using one of those fridge-magnets we all have. They create pretty designs!

  3. this is amazing! it's such a pity that some of yours don't work with magnet...maybe try with fridge magnet :)

  4. looks great :D
    i'm still waiting till the line comes out in stores here in holland, they should've already been in stores but it's late so i have to wait till thursday!

    i hope that stronger magnets work better though :)


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