Monday, November 15, 2010

Essence Metallics STEEL ME

I tried out another Metallics nail polish- this time STEEL ME. Well, although I like it, this one does not work so well with magnet as the other ones- COPPER RULEZ AND NOTHING ELSE METALS.
I love the color, it's really metal looking, silver and black with silver sparkles in it. I also like without magnet effect on it and I think next time I'll use it without one. Well, the formula is also a bit ticker than the regular polish formula, but it's not complicated to apply.
Unfortunatley my camera wasn't able to picked up stripes that were created with magnet, but I tried really hard to capture them. Maybe on next picture are visible the best.
Again, you have to be fast with application and than using the magnet, but I manage to do it so. I like the horizontal stripes also. This effect is really amazing. The brush is also good quality and I give this one 4 out of 5, just because the magnet doesn't achieve the effect I would like it.
Now I have one question for you. I'm looking around the internet for a long time now and I'm trying to find some rating application, which I can put under every single post I write to rate products that I'm reviewing. Do you know what I mean? Do you have any suggestions for me where can I find something like this?


  1. gorgeous :D
    i actually tried to use the matching essence magnet but it didn't work at all >.<

  2. Hey!
    My Essence magnet didn't do nothing at all. Try to use some different magnets, maybe fridge magnet or something.

  3. btw: I tagged you with the One Lovely Blog Award!

    x femketje


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