Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Orly Purple Velvet

Today I got a package in the mail, I swapped with a lovley girl that got me this gorgeous nail polish from Orly. It's called PURPLE VELVET and it's from matte couture collection. As the name says it is a purple color polish with a matt finish.
I love all Orly nail polishes I have, because of their formula. It's fast drying, it doesn't leave any strikes or any marks. I love the brush, it's the perfect for three strokes application. As I said it dries with a matt finish and the color has kind of silver-blue shine to it. Really amazing color!
I also have the black from the same collection and it's also an amazing color. I highly recommend this nail polish, both of them!


  1. I'm still thinking back and forth about getting this one- did you layer a topcoat over it to see how it is glossy?

  2. No, I didn't. I like it matt so much!


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