Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China glaze Fortune teller

Here is another amazing looking nail polish from China Glaze. I have ti admit CG is my favorite brand of nail polishes. I just love everything about them.!
This one is also one of the very unique color that CG produced and it's called Fortune teller. I saw a picture a couple of months back on some girl's blog and immediatley he went on my wish list. And I finally swapped for him!
It is black based color, but unfortnatley very sheer with big and small orange- bronze glitters in it. I had to apply 3 coats of it to achieve bold black color. But the formula itself is very good, because it's easy to apply and with the brush you can achieve three strokes application. It is also very unique color combination and very interesting to look at.
Only downside to this polish is removing it. OOMG, it is such a pain in the *ss!!! I used 5 coton balls and tones of 100% aceton nail polish remover. And than when I finally got it down, glitters were all over me, the table, on the floor...GRRRR! But it's worth it :-)
In the picture I have Essie Matte about you over it and I think it looks even better! The bronze glitters jump out even more! It chiped a little bit after 5 days, but that's not so bad, right?


  1. It looks stunning on your nails! :)

  2. This polish is at the top of my wishlist!

  3. Thank you girls! I've been waiting for him a couple of months, but he finally came :-)

  4. I got this in a swap not too long ago but haven't tried it yet. Looks nice on you!


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