Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nfu.Oh #95

This one is one of two of my first Nfu.Oh nail polishes. They are very atractive to look at, but unfortunatly they are also expensive. But anyways, I decided to join with order with one of the girls from the forum and I'm very happy I did! I love both of them, but I decided to try this one first. Nfu.Oh polishes have an amazing bottle, as you see on the picture, but the actual polish is also great! I choose this one because it reminds me on the sea in the morning, when sun rises and sea comes to life.
The formula is a little bit runny, but I can deal with that because the pay off is amazing. This one is in light blue color that changes to light green (I could't capture it in the picture) and on the sun it glowes! Amazing!

I also love the brush, it's a little bit thiner that with CG polishes, but also great. First, the handle of the bottle bothered me a bit, because I'm not used to it, but latter on I found it very practical. Fingers sit on it great and you have a better grip with it.

I applied 2 coats of it and I could do it once more, maybe it would be better. But I stayed with two coats. And than just some Seche Vite and I'm done :-)


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