Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essence Image plate

Recently I found this gorgeous image plate from Essence. I now have four of them (if you want to see them all in one post, leave a comment!) and I can say they are very good quality (like KONAD or CHEZ-DELANEY!) and they have very interesting designs! Some of them I didn't saw anyhwere before.
This one bought because of the peace image and I have tried it already and it prints amazingly! The lines are thick, so the image is very visible and recognizable. Also the anchor I love very much, ideal fr incoming summer. I can combine it with sea shells or fishes... Great!
The flowers are also very beautifull and unique! If you want me to try them out, just say!


  1. I sure wnat to see images on your nails :)

    I only have one of these new Essence plates, but sure gonna buy more...

  2. I'd love to see them all. I have one. :)

  3. You really should show the other plates!
    I love stamping nail art!!
    Where did you found this image plate?

  4. i'm jealous. essence hasn't put out any of their good stuff here where i live yet. i wish that they did so i could go buy their image plates.

  5. is there an online sşte i can buy these?


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