Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first two NUBAR nail polishes!!! GREEN TEA and INDIGO ILLUSION

On MakeupAlley (My items: http://www.makeupalley.com/swap/myitems.asp)  I swaped for this two beauties!!! They are my first Nubar polishes ever and I LOVEEEE THEM! I saw so many beautifull pictures of them, but I could't bought them anywhere! So, MUA was the answer :-)
First one is called GREEN TEA ant this picture unfortunatly doesn't give him justice. Today's no sun so I can't get the right shade :-(
Well, on this picture I captured more real shade of color. And it reminds me on actual green tea :-) It's cream formula and the application is perfect! The brush is wide enough to acchieve three stokes application and does not leave any marksat all! It's very unique color, kind of grassy looking. I recommend!
The next one is called INDIGO ILLUSION and it's just gorgeous! Sadly in bottle looks more divine that on nails, but it looks good anyways!
 Under the light it gives so many different colors. From blue, green, purple, red and even some hints of gold. I applied two coats and it's totally enough. I has a little bit shine to it and it's also very unique color. I don't own anything similar to it. The formula and the brush are great. So, I definetly recommend both of them and I hope they are not my last Nubars!


  1. Indigo Illusion is very pretty!

  2. I love a pretty green,and Indigo Illusion looks like a nice duochrome!


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