Monday, September 5, 2011


 I picked up few more products from Catrice. 
First is liquid foundation INFINITE MATT UP TO 18 HOURS MAKE UP- long lasting shine control hydrating oil- free foundation. I picked up no. 020 honey beige, I think this one is closest to my skintone. Bottle has a punmp and it holds 30 ml or 1,01 fl. oz. When I'll try it, I'll write a review about it. Price: 7,79€
 Next are three nail polishes that cought my eye. First is 320 BACK TO BLACK- granite shiny color, gorgeous!
 Next one is 460 IN THE BRONX- golden bronzy color, also very beautifull!
 And this one is 440 I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT- black base color with purple, green, silver and orange fine glitters. Price: 2,69€
 And last item I bought goes with the lash growth serum that promises 25% longer lashes in 30 days. I'll be having an experiment, stay tuned!


  1. lovely haul... will wait for further posts

  2. Great choices! I've got all 3 polishes myself (but then, is there a Catrice I don't own?)


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