Thursday, September 8, 2011

China glaze 2NITE

 This polish has been on my WL since.... FOREVER! Well, since this collection came out :-) And the sweetest girl Caroline purchested it for me (and some other goodies too!)
Isn't this one just amazing? I'm sure you already have it and enjoy it :-) I applied two coats and in between I waited it complety dried. Love the formula, the finish and the brush of this one. Still, holographic finish is my favorite.
  Here are pictures on direct sunlight and on natural daylight. What a diffeence! This polishes becomes alive on sunny day!
Do you like it?


  1. No I don't like it! I LOVEEEEEEEE it!!!
    I love holo polish as well, and that OMG Collection has some of the best holos EVER!
    My post for today includes swatches of several polishes with one layer os Glitter Gal's Silver over them. Check out the holo results on those babies! :))

  2. this polish is SO pretty, I wish I had a blue holo like this in my collection :(


  3. This polish is pretty. I don´t have it, yet, but I would like to have this polish.


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