Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catrice Back to black

Hi ladies! I have another beautifull nail polish from Catrice to show you and this one is called BACK TO BLACK. An despite the name is nothing like black :-) It's more grayish granite color, very interesting looking!
I applied two coats to make the color really bold and opaque. And this finish really confuses me. I don't know is it a cream or sparkly finish? Honestly, don't know :-)
Love the formula, it's not runny or bubbly and the brush it flat on two sides, so it's perfect for three strokes application. It's super easy to apply and it dries very quick. I finished it with a top coat, so it's more shiny and longer lasting. What do you think about this one?


  1. Mmmmmmmmm, love it! Sicer pa na tvojih nohtih vsak lak izgleda bo┼żansko :)*


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