Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi again! Thank you for tuning in! As I said before, I went back to buy me some more regular Depend polishes, because I was very happy about the crackled ones, I wanted to try regular polishes too....
 I bought three od them that were kind of nothing I have in my collection yet. I picked up no.221, 227 and 247. 
I decided to try 247 first and let me tell you guys! I AM IMPRESSED!!!! In the bottle it looks gorgeous, but on nails it trully comes alive! Here you can see ONLY 1 coat! Can you believe it??!? It has gorgeous metallic finish in blue color. This is trully an unique polish!
 You have to have quite stady hand to apply this one, because every little move you make with brush is showen on nail, but I think every metallic polish does that. 
 IT's light blue color with metallic finish as I said. Only negative about this brand I have, that the bottles are too small :-) Just because I love the formula, variety of colors, I wish the bottles were larger! 
Do you like it, do you :-)? I'm in love! This one is in my top 5 polishes, for sure!!!


  1. Sem ga imela zadnjič v roki, pa sem ga dala nazaj. Pa mi je skoraj malo žal. Zelo lep je.

  2. Blue and aquas are really my colors :D the look great. Too bad that the bottles are so small ;)


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