Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As all my slovenia readers know, Catrice is coming to Slovenia!!!!! To all of you who already have Catrice in your stores, you can check this also :-) Well, because this is my first Catrice purchase (except some nail polishes), I went a bit crazy buying them, but my first impression about them is..... ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!
Let's start with this eyeshadow quad, called 040 NEVER LE ME GO! I decided first try out something in natural tones, to see the texture, blendability etc... Let me first tell you that I love the packaging- clear, very sturdy box! It has two shimmery and two shadows with pearl finish. I swatched them with no base and just lightly rubbed on my skin. First impression? Love it! Price: 4,99€
 Than I also bought this amazing blush brush. You can see that it's shapped wider from the front and sides are  flat, so it's appropriate for blush, bronzer or highlight application. It's super soft and fells nice against my skin! Price: 4,39€
 Than I heard so much about this mascara- EVOLUTION TO REVOLUTION MASCARA in black, that I just had to try it. This one is one of those mascaras, that offers two different looks- LOOK 1 for natural volume (that basically means that brush picks up less mascara) and LOOK 2 for dramatic volume and perfectly styled lashes (brush picks up more product). Price: 4,99€
 Than I picked up this INTENSICE LASH GROWTH SERUM that everybody is talking about. I have one from L'Oreal (that is not available in Slovenia, well I havent' seen it yet) and it's comming near the end, so I thought why not to try this one. It has a felt tip, very precise to apply it like a eyeliner on the roots of the lashes.
 The instructions says: the lash amplifying serum works while you sleep! 25% longer lashes in 30 days! If used in combination with Catrice Lash Growth mascara. Tested and proven. Apply serum like an eyeliner on lid. Effectiveness test with 20 women for 1 month. 80% of the responders agreed that their lashes appear much longer after using the mascara and serum for 30 days.
 Well, I didn't bought mascara, only serum and I'll see if my lashes get any longer after 30 days. Fingers crossed! Price: 5,49€
 This is another product I can't wait to try- EYE SHADOW BASE, that intensifies eye shadows and improves its durability. I haven't try it out with eye shadows, but I have high hopes for it! Price: 4,39€
 I got two smokey eyes sets- 020 SMOG OVER HONG KONG and 030 MEET ME AT THE BONFIRE. First is purple-pinkish and second one is in brown-natural tones. The packaging is also very sturdy and I love how it opens on side, not on top :-) It comes with two sided brush- sponge for shadows and brush for eyeliner. Loooove it! Price: 2,69€
 This eye shadow I will use for mainly highlighting under my browbones and it's 090 BRING ME FROSTED CAKE. It's nude color, close to my skintone, with matt finish. Price: 2,99€
And this LIPGLOSS is from LIMITED edition BOHEMIA. Great, shiny golden- orangy color that smells delicious and doesn't have bad taste! 
Which is your favorite item? And which review would you like to see first? 


  1. Se že vidim, kako bom zapravljala, ko pridem do Catrice stojala. Boga moja denarnica. :(

    Me pa prav zanima, kako se obnese podlaga za oči.

  2. Taya, v kratkem jo bom sprobala, pa prec sporočim :-)

  3. Hitro poswatchat vse, da se še bolj slinimo.

  4. Hello, Love your blog! Great work.

    Ashley of Eyelash Growth

  5. I was really impressed by your post! Great Blog!

    Aliya @ Eyelash Growth


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