Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Experiment: Catrice Intensive lash growth

 Today I'm starting experiment using two products from Catrice- INTENSIVE LASH GROWTH SERUM and INTENSIVE LASH GROWTH MASCARA. Instruction on both says that if they are both used together, in 30 days period lashes will grow 25% longer. So, if you are interested, stay tuned for this little experiment.
Here are my natural lashes. First I applied serum on top and bottom lashes, on their roots, just like an eyeliner.
 And then I applied two coats of mascara, on top and bottom lashes. So, here are my lashes on DAY 1.
Each week I'll post pictures of my natural lashes and than with mascara and we'll see if they get any longer :-)


  1. O, fino! Me zanimajo rezultati :)

  2. a sad znam čemu to služi sad ću ga nabaviti!

  3. I am intrested if it makes what it promises:)

  4. lovely...given perfect volume and length to ur lashes

  5. Tud js komi čakam na rezlutateeee :) excited! Bi js tudi mela daljše eyelashes :$ LOVE your blog (ga spremljam skos, samo komentiram ne vedno) :) *

  6. thank you for doing this experiment and sharing! It is very helpful!


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