Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nail polish HAUL

I did a bit of shopping yesterday and I just want to show you what I bought. 
Let's start with my favorite brand of all- ESSENCE. 
I bought two Color &go polishes- first is plain black color, called FABULESS and next to it is holographic WHERE IS THE PARTY?
Here are SPARKLING CHAMPAGNER  and polish for stamping SILVER.
I found this new brand of polishes that I didn't know yet- DEPEND COSMETIC They have some great colors, but I bought three different crackle topcoats.
they don't have names, sadly, only numbers- 5011, 5010 and 5005. I hope they work great!
And they I took 4 polishes from VOLARE COSMETIC- JOY.

Here  are no. 322 and 387
and here are no. 278 and 260. 
Which one would you like to see first?


  1. Tudi jaz si želim najprej videti Depend crackle! =) Mogoče preko Essence base colour podlage za crackle, ker me že dlje časa mika. =))

  2. Hello! Nice nail polish, i like graffiti polish

  3. Great haul, I can't wait to see your manis using them!

  4. uh ...kok depend crackle prav zanima kako zgleda rumen:P

  5. wow! I'd like to try those depend crackle polishes!

  6. I absolutly love your blog! Great content =] I will def. keep visiting!!

  7. Thank you girls, for such a lovely comments!!!!


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