Monday, August 22, 2011

Depend cracke polish

As some of you wanted me to show you these two polishes, I thought, why not combine them, right :-) ?
So, for my base color I used Essence SPARKLING CHAMPAGNER. As the name says, it sparkling light champagne- gold color, with frost finish. I applied two coats, just to acchieve true rich gold color. 
Then I used new DEPEND COSMETIC crackle topcoat in deep purple color. It works awsome, I could even say that works better than OPI shatter polish. The resoults are a bit different, here are more visible and bigger cracks, than OPI shatter has. 
 This is the final look I came up with and I hope you like it! Tomorrow I'll get me some more Depend polishes :-)


  1. Tole pa res paše skupaj! Mi je zelo všeč.

  2. So cute! Great idea combining the two!

  3. wow, this crackle cracks absolutely amazing and the color is great to :D

  4. I like the bigger cracks this polish makes.


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